“You have a destiny “says my best friend.

Its been a while since I have been here. I wish I could claim that I have writers block……. but that would be a lie.
Life has been happening. I wanted to do the follow up on the best friends.

I have purposely made time for it today so I hope this gets to you and touches you and others- the main reason for the blog.

Do you remember a time when you met someone and they just kind of knew you? It happens all the time. These days it seems to be happening more and more. Then after sometime something starts to happen, either they are in your space too much and too often, or you just cant stand them anymore, or you just grow apart for now apparent reason. Am sure we all have had that.

Hence the question on the best friend…. and since this is a follow up I wanted to find out how we all have been doing in that regard, if indeed we have made time for them told them how important they are to us.

I wanted to let you know that I have this best friend who has just been amazing. He seems to just love me the way I am, and it has been just a beautiful growing relationship.

The way I would want to define this friend and relationship am in; is to recall i quote or a sentence that I read sometime ago somewhere.. “Some people come into your life for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime”

For a long time that was my favorite quote or tag line, then it happened to talk to me more- the thing with friendships is to know which season your in with which friend. Hence some are here for a specific reason- very specific- it could be to help you grow in or out of issues. Others are there for sometime- longer periods could be months or years, and others well they are there for they long haul.

Now just because some do not make it to the long haul does not mean that the relationship and friendship meant little or did not have or hold value. Love holds value irregardless of time!

And so I have come to appreciate all the friends in all the seasons and all the love that has been shared between us.

For the last two years I have been in this relationship that I can honestly define as a long haul one. He is this best friend that I have said just loves me the way I am. It did not start the way we all think relationships should start- it actually started out of pain-then curiosity.

He never judged me, just listen to me talk and talk and talk. Cry and cry and cry. Watched me eat all the ice cream that I could and all the food that I could to try and make myself feel better all the while reminding me that he was always there- irregardless of the food, tears and pain; and anytime I needed rest or just was too exhausted to even think – he would show up, without call and help me sleep and rest.

After sometime of this and I guess when I was tired of all the drama, he encouraged me to do something very interesting – to go and get healing for my soul. This process would take me through a journey of going back to go forward- there I met others who were on the same journey. And through out the whole thing- he was there.
This kind of support, this kind of concern and this kind of love was new to me- very new and I was not sure he would always be there or it would last cause well, the kind of friendships I have been in and the relationships I had before, had not reached this level of real commitment.

And so I went back to go forward- and forward we decided to go- together. He promised me that the journey would sometimes bring up bad memories or issues that I would rather forget and just gloss over and move away from- but with his help, he would see me through- so i would be able to get healing for my soul.

I finally made it through the first phase of the journey- and you should have seen his face- so proud of me, for taking that first step of trusting him and achieving healing.

Then he encouraged me to practice what I had learned, so that I could grow- to grow in self confidence, in self esteem and in faith and trust in him. Basically to move a step higher in our relationship to grow it to a real friendship. He so gently affirmed me.

He noted that I may not believe in myself at that moment and even now, but that he saw in me more than just potential to do a good job at work and being a mother and friend- he told me that I had such a destiny within me that he could and would make sure that I would attain it.

Now truly this was more than I could hold on to, destiny ? me? how? where? when? and how would I know that he will be there always? I mean don’t destines take years to achieve? so… if I start now would he be there one year from now? two ? three?
And so I decide well, what really do i have to loose? destiny- A friend who believes and affirms my destiny! what better friend could I ever ask for!

Now am sure some of you must be like …….. yah right there is no such a person. I could have made him up- some imaginary character. Well in my next blog I will introduce you to him.