Letting Go…..

Its been raining this year in interesting months, in months that I did not think it would rain- and pour it did- and most of the time it did- I was not prepared for the rain. How many of us were prepared for the changes in 2011?

This year has been one of the most challenging for me personally – why? Well it has been a year of change- just like the weather patterns have forced us to change our thinking, that rain must only come in the months that we are used to – things do change. And change can be challenging – or I guess it depends on your view point.

Back to 2011, let me try and paint a picture of the change am talking about. In the first quarter of the year I moved house, which meant that my routes to work changed, and my waking up hours changed and hence my going to bed hours also changed.

In the second quarter there was change in the office – it was not planned for, and in the last quarter of this year I Changed. I changed my view of my working life- I changed my view of my purpose of life and i decided to start getting into my calling /vocation -my passion.

It has been a year of learning, to be able to accept change one must learn to let go- let me repeat that, one must learn to LET GO.

Letting go of anything is not easy and most people do not realize that- in itself letting go means choosing to adapt or to accept change.

I have been looking back at 2011, stepping out of being inside the picture of 2011 and looking at the picture frame and the picture itself – looking at the colors of 2011, looking at the moments of gray, rain and then sunrise or sunset. Looking at the peaks and the valleys of 2011.

When one can step back and admire the gift of the picture of 2011, you may surprise yourself, and notice that even when there were valleys of grey and terrible storms – there were always rays of light- sun shine or moonlight that broke the through, there was love, there was laughter, dancing and yes there were tears.

Finally as you take in the whole picture of almost 342 days of 2011, you realize there is a lot to take in, and some moments will escape your memory, some may not- they are key, they are lesson’s they are growing up mementos, and these moments – snap shots or frames like a movie are engraved in your mind and heart forever.

Then there are those other moments which you need to remove, delete from your memory, these are the ones that we sometimes find so hard to let go of.

I am not expert on letting go, especially areas of life that have brought joy and in the same breath have brought pain, but I have learnt that some of the shades of grey, and storms in life will come with joy and with pain and the lessons is learnt by getting what needs to be gotten and then letting go.

As we come to the end of 2011, look at your beautiful picture of this year, accept it- all of it, it has been your picutre painted by your own hand – look at everything and for the areas that have pain- these are the areas where you have to learn that you do not have to carry them into 2012, you can let them go.

And celebrate the rest- literally, celebrate this life you have lived this year! do not be shy, dance about it, talk about it, testify about it- to yourself to your spouse, to your friends, to your children, to your church and to your nation.

Be determined to paint more next year, choose brighter colors- if you feel you had no color or not as bright as you wanted. Do the thing that you missed out on doing this year, play that violin, learn to speak that language, travel, love more, cry if you did not, hug more, kiss your spouse and kids more, learn to live, to breath and to paint the picture you want to see.

All this will happen if you let go…..