What a Year! 2014

Should I say it again??

OK here goes Am Back!

I am not sure if you remember that I actually started blogging a few years back ( in 2011) at the time it seemed to be quiet easy to be honest the only thing I really did not do was create time, the culture and consistency in pursuing blogging.

I could blame it on my life; and to be honest I really do have an interesting life!

It’s 2014 – the final quarter of this year. And boy has this been a year!

I cannot even start to explain my 2014 – it has been the year that I have been forced to grow, forced to face myself in the mirror countless times, forced to decide if am going to attain my dreams, forced to embrace struggle, forced to go through some humiliating aspects of life in order to become humble.

I have had to come to the point of  deciding what is important and what is not, to decide if I want to be among the 3% or the 97% in every area of my life.

It has not been an easy year.

But in all this – I have learned  to answer a question that my friend asked me in the beginning of my shenanigans.

Why do you think this is happening to you?

I had no answer as I had been asking myself the very same question.

And to add to her question, I asked myself – and why now?

And to further make sure I did get and answer;  the most pressing of all questions….. What is it that am supposed to learn so that I don’t come back to this “place” again!

It is almost as if God in His own humorous way, had finally gotten my attention.

My attention to what???

My attention to ME. Imagine that!  I had not really being paying some real attention to me.

I pay a whole lot attention to my family, to whats going on around me and others but I realized, I was not registering or resonating with what was going on around me. No real focus on ME- My life, My Vision, My goals My dreams My destiny- My legacy.

And that had to change – and boy have I started changing!

Am coming  through this storm- am now getting out and can see the blue  sunny skies up ahead.

It has not been easy and it has not been fun. But as I look at where I am today. It has been worth it.

I have come to accept and appreciate  that my life needs me in It- fully participating, fully engaged, fully alive and living.

And now am fully determined to exhaust every minute of this breathe I take in, with all the lessons I have had to learn and looking forward to all the lessons yet to come!

So I say, BRING IT ON.

Am ready, am confident and determined – my mind is made up. Am secure, am focused and now very very alive.

Most of all Am happy!


Who Am I and why am I here

Who am I?

That’s a great question. Well my name is Susan. Am a young lady, born in Kenya. I am everything my environment and life years have had the opportunity to experience. Am loving, kind, fun, sentimental and alive. I have music in my being and color in my bones.  Am the capacity to experience more and learn more of who I am; as I do believe that i am still  a work in progress.

Why am I here?

I have a purpose on this earth that I must accomplish in the time that I have left.

But why am I here? in the blogging 101 class, is because part of my purpose is to share with others- to find the best medium or way to communicate with other people through words, music and stories- some real, some imagined ;and hopefully after all the sharing is done – to learn, to grow and to pass on to the next group of people.