Celebrating Hero’s

Today we have a public holiday to celebrate the country’s Hero’s.

So today I want to take time out and celebrate a few of my Hero’s.

The first Hero’s I celebrate  are my parents: To my parents-you are my Hero’s. You made it a point to give me better than you got, from my environment, education and exposure to the world – at a cost – you denied yourselves much for me. And up to now you are my greatest fans. To me you are my Hero’s.

To the single mum’s and dad’s- It has not been an easy road raising children by yourself. I know that some of you do have assistance from family and friends but I salute you all. You are also my Hero’s.
To parents who have stuck it out in their marriage and raised children to see that marriage works with its ups and downs and knowing that you have stuck it through You all are my Hero’s

To teachers and lectures everywhere -You have taught so many children, most of us turn out amazing. Thank you.

To the men and women who sacrifice their lives to protect me and the country – You are my Hero’s

To the men and women who make sure that when am sick or my children are sick that we get attention and treatment – sometimes far away from home. You are my Hero’s

To the men and women who go to spread the good news of love – of healing, of forgiveness of repentance.  Feed, clothe and love on those that society- do not remember You are my Hero’s.

To the rest of humanity – those who have decided to pursue their purpose with such seal and wholeness; you bring us the colors of love, the harmony in music, the beauty in art and pictures, the joy in caring and sharing , the uniqueness of each human spirit in each book. You are my Hero’s.

I hope if you have any Hero’s in your life you will take the time to let them know – and share them with others!

Happy Hero’s Day!




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