The Decision

Just come from a presentation. Am up beat. I think it’s wise to sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

Why? Well i really want to do my due diligence of course but most importantly where will I get the money to start.

If this had come at the beginning of the year, I would have come back from the presentation already joined and “ahead”.

As I drift off to sleep,  my mind starts to ask a tonne of questions. …. will this time be like last time?? What if I don’t get my fast start money back in 4 weeks? Cause I can borrow the money and pay it back in 4 weeks with my fast start.
Why is the opportunity coming now?? Why not when I had the money. …. what will my family and friends say this time?
Ohhh but what if this is it? What if am home? Imagine if i actually make the fast start?

Wow.  Imagine if i actually climb levels before the year ends…….
As I drift off to sleep,  I drift off with my imagination running all the images of the kids and me laughing and having a good time at the beach.

The next few days am getting all the information and am all in. This is it.

My journey to a 6 figure income has started.

2 Replies to “The Decision”

    1. Hi,
      Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you and say thank you for reading and following. Plus thanks for the follow and encouragement. I am so new to this but finding it a fun and positive way to give back to the society.

      Have an awesome week.

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