The start of a journey

As I search for a great title to this blog am sitting in the car, waiting for one of my team mates to show up for a quick update as to what has been going on with her this month.

Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs and sometimes you may not even know which side your on.

It’s challenging.

It’s awesome being your” own boss”- though as the boss you get yourself into a lot of  non income producing activities.

Discipline and Consistency are new lessons am learning every day.

In my current environment my type of entrepreneurship is looked down upon.

The mention of any network marketing company is greeted with some sort of sneer to wide eyes of   ” oh no poor Susan what has she gotten herself into” to “which scheme is this one”,

But never really to “wow – you have grown a network of customers and team members to this size in such a short time”, or ” are you sure that if I  just do what you’re doing, I could make the same?”

Am learning a lot in this industry and yes it is an industry.  With so many people loosing jobs and the corporate environment changing – am always open to new options of personal growth and income.

I have a burning desire to succeed in my company.

I have a burning desire to see my friends and family succeed- in their business and in mine too.

I hope as I share my journey, you all will share yours in whatever field you’re in.

And we can both grow together.

To keep you all at rest. Am not going to put any links or mention my company.  Am just going to share with you my goals, achievements, the mind games, the roller coaster highs and lows, books that am reading, people who I have  decided to learn from and be mentored by.

All the shenanigans.

Life is really not too long- its quite short so we best be doing what we need to do.

My slogan and life motto now is : Am living life full of passion,  on purpose and with tonnes of Praise.

Karibu to the journey.


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