Saying goodbye to 2014

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2014 has been such a roller coaster year. I have mixed emotions. It has been a real challenging year.

My faith has been challenged. My hope has been tested.
My belief systems and self belief has been stretched.  My definitions to the word success have been put on the stand for cross-examination.

My whole life has undergone a real earth-shaking quake.

Am not the kind of person who cries. In public or in private. I used to cry at the drop of a hat many years ago.  I thought it one of my best gifts especially for roles in plays that required tears.
I then started crying while watching many moving movies, this then influenced my emotional state when dealing with people going through a lot in their own lives.

Something happened.

Can’t really remember what at this moment that changed all that.

I think 2014 taught me it is okay to cry!

This last few days I have gone back through my mind to see what 2014 was all about.

Challenged to grow: 2014

I can summarize 2014 as the year that I was challenged to grow.  I was going through one thing after the other, and my perception of the changes was very negative.

In the beginning I really was just gutted, plain and simple. I felt that I had let myself and my children down.

But I made a decision a few weeks ago, to take time and really focus on myself and all the issues that I was experiencing.  This led me to take responsibility and accept 2014 for what it was, it was a year for me to face myself.

The greatest person I needed to face was Me.

The good, the bad and the ugly and then breathe and release all the negativity. I took the challenge and I have grown, in wisdom, in acceptance in forgiveness and in excitement of looking forward and conquering my goals!

I’m more in tune with Me and I’m so ready for 2015.

So, to the year 2014, I just want to say, Thank you for every lesson I have learnt.

The most important – Be true to thy self and Know thy self

Finally – Live!

Happy New year to you all, from my family to yours!


Look out 2015 Here I come- Susan full of passion, Purpose and Praise. Continue reading “Saying goodbye to 2014”


When I see you smile :)

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When I see you smile, I can face the world,  You know that I can do anything.

I love this song by Uncle Sam, it came out many years ago more than 17 years! I know cause when my daughter was a few months I heard this song and really I just loved her smile. I played it so many times.

I do see a ray of light shining through the rain with just her smile, I can face anything. To me that is what the song meant and still means.

Then came my son and boy was he a busy bundle of energy and joy. He is was and still is my smiling son to this day. I love it when they smile – for sure I know they are my kids cause I am always smiling.

So as the year comes to an end, I hope you can take time to enjoy the festivities and smile.

Many friends and relatives may not tell you but when the see you smile, it makes their day and maybe made their year.

So from my smiling self and my kids!

Let me see you smile!

p.s In case you never heard the song here is the link



A sense of loneliness

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Have you ever wondered how you can be surrounded by so many people and yet be alone?

I know in this day and time of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsup, Viber, Rounders, Skype and the list can go on and on, we seem to connect but are we really connected?

And why do I need all the above applications to connect with my friends and family?

Not to long ago we never had cellphones or email but I was able to talk to my friends be it on the telephone or better still face to face.
We would agree on a time and place to meet, and unbelievably we were on time, no cellphone sms saying we are running late or voice messages to check.

Things have truly evolved.
More and more people are lonely. More and more people wear masks every day.

Many people are afraid of sharing their ups and downs for fear of judgment. The whole world through all sorts of media make you feel weird if you are lonely.

I sometimes feel alone. And yet I have friends and family around. All living their journey.

Connections I have so many, but am I really connected to anyone?
Am fortunate to have a few people in my life that are truly connected to me and I to them.
We share our pain, sorrows. We share our joys our hope for tomorrow. We share our laughter and our tears. We share our fears and our conquests. We share food and wine.
We cover each other with prayer and give praise and thanks.
All this we do without our phones, or their applications.
We do this in person. Being present.
We share a gift that is free.

We share a gift called Love.

Have a loving day.


Do you ever wonder about your belief in something? Anything?
Do you review your life and get amazed about what you managed to achieve just because you believed you could do it?

I remember when I got my first pregnancy.  I was 100% sure I was going to have a baby girl.  I was so sure that I only shopped for baby girl clothing to the bewilderment of my mother.
She begged me to get at least a few unisex items.
I had gone for 3 scans and each time the baby made sure we could not figure out what I was going to have.
Guess what my baby was???
Baby girl.  🙂

Later I decided I was going to have a boy. This time I went a step further and got a name and started talking about him. Everyone thought I was crazy. And lo and behold.  I got my son.

Those two incidents made me believe in the power of a certain mind.

Sometimes though it’s not that easy.
2014 has made me question my belief.  Especially in myself.

Where is my 100% belief? I have believed in so many things to happen.  None of them have happened.

If anything my results are just the opposite.
And the more I push myself to believe in my desired outcome the worse off results I get.

It’s truly disheartening.
Am set out to figure this  out, because it’s hurting my business,  myself confidence and my faith.

What the Heck!

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Have you ever had a moment in your life that you knew for sure that the world was out to get you?

Or that sick feeling when everything you touch turns to disaster and your “universe” at the time is just crap, and everyone else is having a blast.
Success everywhere, but where you are.
This has been one of those weeks.
Am not sure if its my mindset.  Am not sure if it’s the vibe coming from me or it’s just life.
Why am I not getting great results. Am putting in so much of my time and energy. The results are not encouraging at all.
What’s going on? ????
And as I go through an adult tantrum with my creator I decide to take a break.

This used to be fun. Now it’s not fun any more. Why is that.
I used to be so excited but now I have no excitement.  I just want results.
I thought this was what I wanted.  Now am not sure.

And the journey continues…………


( Please feel free to comment and give your suggestions and share if you have been where I have been this week!)

Enjoying living- now

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Am still at home – it’s around 10 am.

The kids have closed school. One of them is busy getting her university applications done for next year and the other well is with me – doing some math, calculation of areas to be specific.

We – the kids and I have a deal, in the morning they get to do something read a book, do some math, write a story something, and in the afternoon they get to go out and play – have fun with the dog, swing, swim anything with some activity – climb the trees, build something – and later much later play the Wii- and you can guess all games are all sports and activities no seating down games!

For this am truly grateful, to be able to spend time with my kids and my family.

Not many people get to do this. I have been able to do this due to something that looked to be a disaster but has turned out to be the best blessing ever.

Losing my job and part of my company has made it possible for me to now have this time – time to spend with my children and to appreciate this six figure income journey that I am so determined to achieve.

This made me realize; sometimes we wait for something to happen before we do what we said we would do, but if you think about it we are all living part of our dreams right now -if we are present.

I woke up this morning around 6 am, chattered with my daughter who had to get going to finish up her application, then did my one hour of aerobics, after a while took my breakfast and started my homeschooling time with my son.
When done, am off to conquer the world, I have my appointments set.

After achieving my goals for the day, I can take in some time in the late afternoon, to spend some quiet time with myself and review my day, then join the kids for some family movie or game before dinner, read and get to bed.

I may not have the six figure income yet, but am surely enjoying the lifestyle at the moment.

So I would encourage us all to enjoy this life now- the season you’re in.

It might not be where you want to be or what you thought you wanted for yourself but it comes with such blessing!

Here’s to enjoying your life – your wife, your husband, your children, your family, your job ( yap take time to appreciate that you have one! ) your business, your friends,- Your Life!

Am going to make a million dollars

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Yes I am.

It might take me a while but for sure I am going to make it.
All things are possible.

In truth, I wish it was as easy as just saying it!  The thing about making  money is that it will come, not in the way that we think it will.

All of us in this journey called life can and will make a million dollars 🙂 but it will take some time and some skills that everyone who wants to make that kind of money must learn.

As Tony Robins says millionaires leave clues. So I have decided to copy them. They wake up early, get their groove on with some exercise and attack their day with productivity.

And so I started.

In as much as my life has been going through “the valley of the shadow of let’s get  financial free” I do get up early, I have decided to get my groove back with exercise,  am working on my productivity – making sure I have my appointments  set.

The thing that has inspired me most during this whole process is the joy of sharing what I have. The pure enjoyment, and passion of sharing my journey.

This has given me a glow .   🙂

This glow has done wonders for my self-esteem and confidence, and because I am not selling, am sharing – with such excitement and passion, I just love every minute.

Lesson that I have learnt so far:
♡Be fully in.
♡Be totally into whatever you are doing. Whatever your business
♡Fall in love with your business every day. It will give you a glow
♡Have fun
♡ It’s never that serious. ( the title of the next blog)
♡Use your product or service – whether you own your business or are employed
♡keep a diary. Write and schedule your appointments
♡ Have fun. This is your life.  Live it.

So, let’s go out there and make our dreams come true!

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