Am going to make a million dollars

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Yes I am.

It might take me a while but for sure I am going to make it.
All things are possible.

In truth, I wish it was as easy as just saying it!  The thing about making  money is that it will come, not in the way that we think it will.

All of us in this journey called life can and will make a million dollars 🙂 but it will take some time and some skills that everyone who wants to make that kind of money must learn.

As Tony Robins says millionaires leave clues. So I have decided to copy them. They wake up early, get their groove on with some exercise and attack their day with productivity.

And so I started.

In as much as my life has been going through “the valley of the shadow of let’s get  financial free” I do get up early, I have decided to get my groove back with exercise,  am working on my productivity – making sure I have my appointments  set.

The thing that has inspired me most during this whole process is the joy of sharing what I have. The pure enjoyment, and passion of sharing my journey.

This has given me a glow .   🙂

This glow has done wonders for my self-esteem and confidence, and because I am not selling, am sharing – with such excitement and passion, I just love every minute.

Lesson that I have learnt so far:
♡Be fully in.
♡Be totally into whatever you are doing. Whatever your business
♡Fall in love with your business every day. It will give you a glow
♡Have fun
♡ It’s never that serious. ( the title of the next blog)
♡Use your product or service – whether you own your business or are employed
♡keep a diary. Write and schedule your appointments
♡ Have fun. This is your life.  Live it.

So, let’s go out there and make our dreams come true!

Check out: Anthony Robins Robin Sharma


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