When I see you smile :)

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When I see you smile, I can face the world,  You know that I can do anything.

I love this song by Uncle Sam, it came out many years ago more than 17 years! I know cause when my daughter was a few months I heard this song and really I just loved her smile. I played it so many times.

I do see a ray of light shining through the rain with just her smile, I can face anything. To me that is what the song meant and still means.

Then came my son and boy was he a busy bundle of energy and joy. He is was and still is my smiling son to this day. I love it when they smile – for sure I know they are my kids cause I am always smiling.

So as the year comes to an end, I hope you can take time to enjoy the festivities and smile.

Many friends and relatives may not tell you but when the see you smile, it makes their day and maybe made their year.

So from my smiling self and my kids!

Let me see you smile!

p.s In case you never heard the song here is the link




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