Saying goodbye to 2014

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2014 has been such a roller coaster year. I have mixed emotions. It has been a real challenging year.

My faith has been challenged. My hope has been tested.
My belief systems and self belief has been stretched.  My definitions to the word success have been put on the stand for cross-examination.

My whole life has undergone a real earth-shaking quake.

Am not the kind of person who cries. In public or in private. I used to cry at the drop of a hat many years ago.  I thought it one of my best gifts especially for roles in plays that required tears.
I then started crying while watching many moving movies, this then influenced my emotional state when dealing with people going through a lot in their own lives.

Something happened.

Can’t really remember what at this moment that changed all that.

I think 2014 taught me it is okay to cry!

This last few days I have gone back through my mind to see what 2014 was all about.

Challenged to grow: 2014

I can summarize 2014 as the year that I was challenged to grow.  I was going through one thing after the other, and my perception of the changes was very negative.

In the beginning I really was just gutted, plain and simple. I felt that I had let myself and my children down.

But I made a decision a few weeks ago, to take time and really focus on myself and all the issues that I was experiencing.  This led me to take responsibility and accept 2014 for what it was, it was a year for me to face myself.

The greatest person I needed to face was Me.

The good, the bad and the ugly and then breathe and release all the negativity. I took the challenge and I have grown, in wisdom, in acceptance in forgiveness and in excitement of looking forward and conquering my goals!

I’m more in tune with Me and I’m so ready for 2015.

So, to the year 2014, I just want to say, Thank you for every lesson I have learnt.

The most important – Be true to thy self and Know thy self

Finally – Live!

Happy New year to you all, from my family to yours!


Look out 2015 Here I come- Susan full of passion, Purpose and Praise.


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