Retracing my beginning

So much has been going on. Sometimes I really do not know if this is it.

It started from last year. The year was great. Everything looked great. At the time I was running a travel agency with my business partner,  we seemed to just be riding a magnificent wave of success.

Then came a contract that changed everything.  We lost everything.  We were running on faith literally.
I was super positive that though we were losing a lot of money things would turn around. My optimism knows no bounds and my faith only grew.

Fast forward to 2014 April.  Am sitting in a meeting with my business partner, company secretary and accountant.

The meeting is not going well. My business partner and I are not in an agreement. The financial strain has hit home. Accepting responsibility is not easy. But now it seems it all boils down to what I have done or not done.

Am stumped. Speechless.  Stabbed. Mystified.
I can’t breathe or so I think.
I need air. I need to get out.
And I decide.

It’s never that serious.  Am out.

I leave the meeting. Hurt but confident. If this is what it has come to. So be it.

An end to this season . An end to my partnership.

As one thing ends something new begins.

It may not be easy, but it’s my life. It’s my journey.  I have to walk a new path.

And as my path would have it. I attend a meeting. The atmosphere is awesome, people are excited, now am listening to testimonials.

Am getting excited about moving forward.  Am thinking how do I get the resources to start this new business and this new adventure?

This is how the Journey began!