Distructions and sideshows

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Have  you noticed that the day you are so determined  to have  a great day or week is the day that distractions appear.

Distraction and sideshow’s seem to know when to appear. Mostly when you start succeeding  in something – like your goals, targets or just when you know you have mastered a skill.

They call a meeting with each other to discuss you.

They discuss your resolve. They even know how much progress you have mastered and made. They then look at your will power and determination to achieve your goals. They decide that they cannot know for sure, how determined  and focused you are to your goals. Hence they agree to test you. And because  they are such good friends, each will have a go at you –  it’s  a fair level playing  ground 🙂

So, the week or day that all is going on well, distraction shows up. To see if you will stick to your plans as he(or she) does the thing they know best; steal your focus and keep you distracted. The thing about  distraction  is that he/she needs just 3-10 seconds of your mind, eyes and emotions. (in any order)
Once successful he or she disappears; to watch your reaction and following actions. For some of us pop corn is ordered as both of them plus a few other friends mainly complaints, anger, sadness and pity arrive. If you are not too careful, revenge envy and jealous  might join them which now brings in toxicity!

And this is where side-show gets a tad bit jealous of all the attention distraction is getting and decides to do their thing too.

I wonder what do you do when the tide changes and the rains change to storms?
What do you do when the smooth sailing winds change?

Normally I must admit sometimes I literally throw myself a pity party. Other times I seek sympathy from my friends. Other times especially alone I actually agree with the movie watchers!

Its horrible once I have reached that point. You know what they say, they always say the same things.
“you’re not good enough that’s why…….”
“who told you, you would succeed?……”
“These things don’t work, ……..”
“After all you have done and nothing to show for it……..”
“How long will you do this to yourself. …….”
The list can go on and on.

By this time I usually  throw a huge tantrum-in private:-)

After which I pick myself up and I go where I can get strength to help my mind to stop listening to all those lies.

Yes those are all lies.
I am reminded; If someone else has  been successful so can I. It might take me slightly  longer but it’s  achievable.

And so once I have renewed my mind, claimed my promises, claimed back my power; I go about by kicking these rent free uninvited guest out my mind.
by going to do the things I had set out to do in the first place, now with a little more swag and attitude.
I remind my creator that He said to ask, so I do. To seek and I do and finally I knock and knock and knock.

You know what happens?

Big doors open 🙂

I dare you to try it out when distraction and side-show appear in 2015


Lessons learnt in the meantime

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This year I’m determined to make it count.  To give more, to be of service, to move ranks to grow personally in terms of myself believes and in making sure that I have mastered the habits of being balanced and successful.
On this journey to a six figure income I have had a meantime or a meanwhile stage.
In the beginning to be honest I did not appreciate this stage at all.
Fast is good, slow is painful-we all hear and know this especially when we join  any network marketing company and are brand new.

Some challenges start to arise when we forget that the journey is not a sprint, its more like a marathon.  We gradually start to learn that, in as much as its awesome to get things done fast, we are in this for the long haul.

For life.
The main challenge then becomes consistency.
With this, there will come a time where one can hit a snag.
Depending on how long you’re in the snag, it can turn into an environment that has one looking out at others; their success forgetting your own; it might lead to you questioning your beliefs (☺)
It could lead to a few giving up 😮

However, it can also lead to you taking inventory.

Meantime or meanwhile’s are the best time to really get real with oneself.
Imagine the Israelite’s when they were stuck in Egypt for 400 years then finally they are free but end up going round the same mountain for 40 years! You would think within those 40 years of meantime or meanwhile’s they would be trying to figure the lesson.

If you have having a couple of repetitive snags over and over again, it could means that you are not getting the lesson your supposed to be learning. Myself included 🙂

Am grateful that I had me some meantime.  It lead me to meet some amazing new people who are willing to partner with me on my journey.

They are keeping me accountable.
Lesson I have learnt in the meantime are:

♢Meantime’s happen to everyone and to everything – seasons change.

♢Be open to change.

♢To thy self be true. Find out who you are, Do you, Be you, Appreciate you, Love you, Trust you, and most important have a blast of fun just being who you are.

♢It rains on both good people and bad people, the point being be prepared for the rain! (sow sow and sow some more seeds)

♢Life truly is short its best to make sure your actually living!

♢Success is indeed around the corner, under your chair and everywhere it just depends if you are available to see it, and decide to have it.

Enjoy your meantime, after it comes a tonne of work and more work mixed with play and fun.

Share your insights and revelations to your network on lessons learnt.

Finally be grateful that it was only a season of meantime, and not a lifetime 🙂


The blindside

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The other day I was driving to go collect my son from school and was on the over pass (flyover) which only has two lanes. I wanted to change my lane because my car all of a sudden started behaving strange-jerking!
I put on my left hand signal to indicate that I wanted to turn left. I then checked my left hand side mirror, to check for sure that I could safely enter the lane.

One, two, three, cars were visible so I knew I had to wait, one more check and I started to move into the lane as it looked clear from the side mirror.
Low and behold just as I started to turn in a split second I saw a glimpse of a car -I  managed successfully to stay putt in my lane and the car passed by like a magical appearance act where all of a sudden a car appeared.
The driver yelling remember your blindside!

Many times on my journey I’m moving forward but am blindsided.
I do not see certain things going on at the same time, because my focus and my view points are at an angle that does not give me whole picture.  And if I don’t change my angle, I may decide to change or move, or get into something new ( could be a relationship, business or partnership) and almost get hit with what I couldn’t see.
Going through the motions can make one blindsided.

I have come to realize on my journey that I need time away from the “noise” of this world, the busyness of the day, week and month to achieve my goals, can drown out the still quiet voice. I can be oblivious to the danger of going about life without stopping long enough to listen to God.

As we go about ending the first month on an awesome note of achievement, let us not get too blindsided not to take time to meditate, to listen, to calm down and finally get the full picture.

Happy listening!


Theme song for 2015- choice number 1

Do you have a theme song for this year?

I have one now.

I never really had one. This song really gets me up, and moving to achieve my goals. It just gets me all excited. I listen to this song in the morning when am done with my exercise and I’m getting ready for my day.

I love it.

In the evening when am out for my evening walk this is what I listen to, among other songs.

If you have any other suggestions that I should check out and add to my growing list of Being Bold 2015 themes please share them with me in the comments section.

In the meantime have a Believing Sunday.


Making Promises

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It’s very easy these days to make promises, to ourselves or to other people around us especially family.

The thing about making promises has a lot to do with an event that either happened without our presence, hence we promise to be there for all other events. Or we made a few mistakes that hurt or harmed someone else or even our own selves and we promise not to repeat the same thing or behavior.

Promises deal a lot with trust and actual follow through.

In the olden days promises were known as covenants and were taken  seriously.  They were kept from one generation to another, from one family to another. They were sealed by mere handshakes and others by signs like the rainbow.

As the year begins, its easy to make so many promises especially to our children.  And if we are to ask our children if they believe that we will keep our promises in 2015 it won’t take them long to review our track record of trust and actual follow through of 2014.

What signs did we use to seal the deals with our kids and did we deliver?

Let 2015 be the year of not just making promises but keeping them in such a way that some become generational.

Genesis 9:16

Here is to making and keeping our 2015 promises.

Making scarifices

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It’s said that insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

I think most of the time this action of “insanity” is done because we do not want to give up on a few things in our comfort zones we do not want to sacrifice our time, our lifestyle, our family and friends and finally money.

I learnt today that Trust has a lot to do with sacrifice.

I hear a lot of people, especially in Network Marketing talking about sacrifice.  And many do sacrifice their time, money, and evenings to put in the effort to ensure they get the result.

However this really does not automatically guarantee success.

There has to be some point where one has to TRUST that everything they are doing – everything they have committed to achieving, by sacrificing is going to bring the desired amount.  After trusting; there is normally an action that is taken – moving forward – by faith, that – what I want and what I’m doing is taking me one step closer to achieving my goal, attaining my degree,  or even making a new rank.

The point that I have come to realize is that I must be willing to give up something – usually something that I consider of much value – in order to get the next level.

Take for example the story of Abraham and son Issac. God tells Abraham to take his only son that he got after a 25 year wait and sacrifice him.  Now honestly if it were me- I really do not think i would have carried out any action- but I guess Abraham trusted God. Even when his son asked where the sacrifice was going to come from Abraham said the famous words that everyone uses ” God will provide”

The thing about this story that I think is never mentioned is the relationship Abraham had with God. He must have had a good rapport with God, he must have been sure that this request, in as much as  it was painful and maybe meaningless, he  decided he would go ahead with it, because the same God who provided him with Issac could give him another son.

Do you trust God to see you through the ridiculous tasks that He will ask you to do? Which normally means you will be looking crazy to others while carrying out the assignment- like building an arc or sacrificing your only son, or making 2015 the best year ever!

To achieve this, you sacrifice your self esteem, your time and so many other things. However the end result is always greater than what you had to sacrifice in the first place because you trusted the One who gave you the task.

So today, am willing to sacrifice a few things in 2015 in order for me to move to the next level. The end results for both Abraham and Noah were amazing.

I do believe that my results this month are going to be amazing too.

Here is to denying myself now to get much more later 🙂