I’m taking another step!

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This is the week, I have to accomplish my goals for the month and hit the residual income.

Am super excited.

I can’t lie sometimes I’m also a tad bit anxious. Have you ever known that you had to move the next level? But that means more. More of you being.

How am I coping? I found this very awesome video, that reminds me that everything happens for a reason.

The thing is my perception of myself is now ready for the next move. There are so many lessons I have learnt and am still learning on this journey. Sometimes I wanted that fast move, and am grateful that I have had to learn patience, and handling what I can at this step.

Knowing that this is my journey, I may have some people on the same path, but most of the time the path is mine. I have a few friends or family with me on some steps, but mostly I have to make so many decisions and take many other steps and many of them alone.

This is not a bad thing. Learning yourself, being humble, being coach-able, being in action, leads you to being ready to take the step, and take another step.

This is the journey, so here I am taking another step.

But let TD Jakes say it better

To those of you who are making sure that this is going to be your best year ever, please watch this short video. Keep at it. We are now left with 10 months to create our amazing 2015. I know it is possible. I am not going to quit, I may fall, but am back up. I am determined to make this year the best year ever.

Just because I can.

Let us do this!


Having a Winning day, week and year!

Today has been an awesome day.

It has been one of those days that I must admit that I have won. I started by declaring that today being a Wednesday It would be a winning one.

For this to happen I had to focus all my energy, actions and my mindset to winning. In my business my win was my friends trust and agreement for us to do business together.

After that I met up with my girlfriend who we agreed to win back everything that we felt has been taken from us, by first acknowledging what we have done and what we have not done and getting our minds to take action. There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind; that I have taken from TD Jake’s, and it is true.

I managed to get one of my team mates on phone and we come to an agreement that we meet up this Saturday, put a strategy in place and do the work, by June we must have made some money for her and her child to take a trip together. I asked her if it would be worth the effort and time to win? Of course it is, so we are off to the road of winners.

I managed to get home a bit early this day,I’m winning in taking the time to read, and prepare for tomorrow and the rest of the month. My targets need to get done, and I still have to keep on going so as to make it to the target for the year, better still to make it before the year ends.

Winning Wednesday’s will be going on for a long time. Each new Wednesday for each new week I shall review my wins, and I know I shall have a lot to celebrate and appreciate just because I have decided to win.

The best part to this particular Wednesday’s win’s is that am not doing it alone. There is nothing as bad as succeeding alone. It haunts you, it a lonely and it’s not fun.

I want to ask you this question, who are you with on the winners road? who have you decided to team up with, get into agreement with and walk this road together?

There is a lot of power in agreement. The good book says a lot about agreement. It says two are better than one. In fact it says its good to be two, so that if one of you falls down, you have someone there to help you get up. It asks the question-  how can two people walk together unless they agree? but the best one I like and invoke all the time is; If two or more agree than nothing- nothing can stop you.

On our journey to have the best year ever, to make the 6 figure income, to become better at what we do and to achieve our goals, are you doing this all by yourself, or have you decided to be a blessing to some one and share this journey?

Have a winning mind and heart. Lets get in agreement and remember success is sweeter when everyone in your team or in your circle is winning.

Here is to our winning this year!

True colors

Happy New Week!

The month is flying, well at least that is how I feel. I hope you all had a great Valentines day.  The day was awesome, I spent most of the time working, but the thing that just got me; was it rained.

I know for most of you, it is winter, for us here in Nairobi it has been a hot summer, with no rain, dry and dusty. So when the rain came down on Valentines day for me it was a sign. That the big guy upstairs has my back, not just mine but the whole country! What better way to show some love?

Today I wanted to “talk” about being true to self, I managed to watch my favorite movie – The matrix.

Honestly I love that movie, and one of the things I love is Neo learning himself. He learns he can be faster than what he thought he was, he learns that he made choices that most probably the Architect did not think he would do. He learns that to beat Smith – he needs to give up himself at that moment in order to get the peace that the human race need. There are like a billion things in the Matrix that I need to keep learning and reminding myself to do. The best one is the words written in the Oracles kitchen Know thy self.

This means to me – My true colors. Being true to me, in spite of what the world or the society would like me to believe is me. This process is not an easy one. I am learning that somethings that I thought were true to me, I picked them up because my circle of influence made them seem important.

Am also learning what I love or believe in, that resonates with me, does not resonate with others, and that’s just fine. Those things that resonate with me, make me unique, make me tick, they make me well Me.

My challenge right now is to show my true colors to the rest of the world. I must admit I have been hiding , mostly I guess out of fear, of what? I cannot even say.  Maybe am too loud, maybe am too colorful, or maybe am just too passionate about what I do…… so many maybe’s. But time has come for me to shine, to be my true self to show my true colors to the world, those who can’t handle me well they can just keep moving on.

So here is to my true colors and to yours too, let’s make sure that 2015, knows that we are here,  that we make sure that we light up the world up with our wit, our colors, our music, our novels, our lives!

Let Babyface and Phil Collins give you the picture with this song! and Be true to you, Show your true colors, because you are beautiful.

Learn to say I’m sorry

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Happy Valentines day to you all.

I hope this year, we will love each other every day, even after the flowers have died and the chocolates are eaten.  🙂

I have a dear friend who I called up yesterday to say hello and to request a meet up or catch up. We have not seen each other in at least two years.

I know. How can he be such a dear friend if we have not been in contact for two years?

Well, we were in university together, he was one of those people who knew from the get go, what he wanted to do and where he was going, I on the other hand was not too sure. We were opposites and we got along real good. Our friendship grew in such a way that even when we both finished university, we remained friends, and when it was time to say I do to our significant others – we were there.  We have been through each of us becoming parents, the ups and downs of our lives and family issues.

Then a few years ago, I did something. I asked for his help and he gave it to me. I promised to repay this deed, and I did not.  In the beginning when I could see that the promise I made, I would not be able to honor it, I did not know what to do. So I kept busy, we did meet in between, but I started to feel so bad and guilty. Eventually I could not bring myself to meet up with him. The guilt had turned into shame.

Life continued.

I would wonder how he and his family were doing, and then get back to my life with the guilt and shame tacked safely at the back of my mind. I wrestled with what to do, as the months turned into years. And somehow I just kept moving on.

Oh how I missed our friendship, our chats, our kids playing, our reviews of the years and plans, wondering why I let this happen in the first place. Every year, I would pluck up the courage to call him and say hello and just as the courage would come the shame, fear and guilt would come too.  I would then reschedule the call.

Yesterday however, I was asked by a mutual friend, how my friend was doing, and I said he must be doing well. That response was not what they expected at all. I really did not know what to say, I mumbled how we have not really met up and that we have both been super busy with family and work.

But in my heart I knew those where just my excuses. I parted ways with our mutual friend and felt so sad, my heart was heavy, and so I decided to give my dear friend a call, set a date to meet finally and catch up.

Yes, I called his cell phone- response, line busy, I thought oh well , at least I tried. Later on after a lot of debate and hesitation and just sheer determination to get this right I called and within the first ring he picked up and was so happy – he called me by my nickname that he uses, and I was so happy, we chatted briefly and agreed to meet up soon.

I felt so good after that, and I told him that I really want to restore our friendship, it might not be the way it use to be, but at least we can still be friends.  I’m getting ready to say sorry to him for everything that I did. Wipe the slate clean and start from today.

I can’t imagine what better way to celebrate Valentines than to say sorry to those I have not done right by, to close that story and start a new book, for us to write new memories and new stories with each other and our families and to remember that in loving our friends and family- sorry is one word that needs to be heard, over and over again.

Best part of love I think is forgiveness.  Learn to say sorry.

Have a forgiven day and year!

Celebrating each other

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I have woken up with such a warm feeling today, am feeling so good with myself.

Yes! I am.

When was the last day you felt good about you? This morning? yesterday ? last year?

For many people it is not easy to feel good about yourself, maybe cause you have not achieved your goals for the month, or you have fallen out of the “resolution” mood, and now the reality, that one month has gone in 2015 which you cannot get back.

My advice to you this day is to stop stressing yourself – yes you may have not done what  you set out to do but you can change your mind and start today to get things done.

The best way to do this is by celebrating others.

There are always people around you. Do you notice them? do you notice what they do for you and themselves? Take for example your spouse, do you celebrate them everyday? Do you realize that they chose you? out of so many people in the world they chose you! They love you, they give themselves to you- that is worth celebrating.

What about your children? Do you celebrate them? They listen to you, they are reflections of you- the good the bad the cheeky! love them as they love you, praise them for remembering the house rules, for doing their work well, for them doing their best.

What your office mates? do you really appreciate what they do – so that you get to do what you do? Its all about team work. Do you celebrate your team mates? Are you cheering them on as they cheer you on? Do you motivate, inspire and guide others to be the best that they can be?

What about your social networks – your friends and extended family? Do you have time to visit catch up with them as they tell you about their ups and downs? Do you remind them how valuable they are to you and your family?

Every one in one way or the other is celebrating you, they do this one day at a time, one moment in time.

I suggest that you also take time to do the same, and just maybe you might see that as you celebrate others, in doing so your life has so much more positive energy that you get to spread around.

Today I celebrate you- those who read this blog and share it, those who are out to achieve their dreams, crush their goals and want to give back to the world by being their best~ Hip hip Hurray!

Being Thankful


Travel cake

Today has been just been so awesome!

I was trying to get this blog done in the morning when I had to leave for my first appointment of the day.

And so I left, got there on time, had some few minutes to myself before she arrived.

I had met her briefly last week, she came highly recommended by her work mate but time was not on our side.

But you know; you gotta be thankful for some incidences such as that one- of time not being on our side, because today we got to have time, to see the opportunity and to talk.

All I have to say is that I’m so grateful and thankful for meeting with her today.  She made me do thing that I love most doing- sharing my ups, my downs and my lessons learnt.

She is one of those people who you meet and just know the world is never going to be the same.

She has the right attitude towards her job, she is going to look into doing her own consultancy and decide if we work together or not.

This is why I love what I do, and Lavinda just made me love my work even more today, and for that I’m thankful.

I get to share my life with her through this blog, I get to share my  work with her and others and in doing so,  I may just pass a little bit of sunshine into someones life.

Be thankful to those around you, who make you thrive, who bring out the best in you, who give you the reason to keep on going, who push you to your next level, who love you for just being you and who at the end of the day want to join you in making every day of this year of 2015 count.

Today am thankful to Lavinda, Gladys and Gerard, even if we do not get to work together in building dreams, thank you for making my work and my life – colorful and enabling me to be of service to you.

Now am off to meet up with George and I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

The power of little by little

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I am discovering every day is the power of little by little.

Doing something towards my goals each day and in a week I have covered a lot.
Now at the end of January I did not achieve all my goals but I got such awesome results.

You may not be aware that my favorite pair of jeans at one point were not fitting – not even close. I was so upset at the time with myself.
I really did not realize last year what was going on with me, around me and of course on me!
So when it came to putting on my jeans that fateful day and they could not fit- that was the action that broke my back.

I decided to change the story and write a new one.

So, one of my 2015 goals is to loose at least 2 kilos each month. I am not just loosing weight am changing my lifestyle; making sure I do eat more healthy, get in some exercise every day – twice a day – one major one in the morning and one polite walk in the evening.

In as much as I do not like to walk, jog or run, I have ended up really liking my evening walks, I love seeing the trees and the sunsets are so pretty.

Little by little in the month of January I lost 4 kilos (yupieeeee)
Just by keeping at it. Mostly by having a good attitude towards the exercise and eating what is healthy. I do of course have my occasional ice cream and sweets, but not as much and not as often.

I love the results.
The power of little steps here, little aerobics there and the result at the end of the month is worth every little activity that I have put in.

So I want to encourage us all, let us remember to practice the power of little by little.
A little prayer here, a little prayer there. A little kindness here and a little kindness there, a little forgiveness here and a little forgiveness there. A little hug here a little hug there.

A big little smile here and am sure your going to give me back a big little smile from there!

Good bye January 2015

This year I decided to make the most out of each day, each week and each month.

I started the year on a good note, bidding 2014 good bye. To be honest I really wanted to bid it good bye, it was a challenging year- not that challenges are bad, but I just wanted it to end, and end it did.

Come January I sat down and looked squarely at my 2015, 12 great months- if that is what I wanted. 12 months to make my year fantastic. 12 months not to repeat the last 12.

I had 12 months.

I got busy putting my goals to paper – and not in my head. I actually took time out to decide what my 2015 is going to be- no matter what.
And the main theme was going all out- living to my fullest potential, and to my core believes and values.

And I have January to thank for that- being the first month of this amazing year, many people have resolutions, I decided not to have any- just goals, for the month.

I admit, I really did enjoy the month of January , It passed so quickly and I did achieve some goals while others I did not. (I have carried them forward)

So as I welcome the Month of February, I must bid January good bye and give thanks!

Thank you January for:
1. Experiencing sunny walks every evening.
2. Managing to go and take a swim!
3. Reading two books – Robin Sharma the Monk who sold his Ferrari and the Unemployed Millionaire by Matt Morris.
4. New life for my daughter at University
5. Vision Board
6. Pushing myself to get out and to get things done.
7. The joys of my children and family – in all the noise that the world brings with it, I managed to be fully present and engaged with my family.
8. Weight loss ! Yuppieee
9 Finally the desire to crush in February all the goals set.

Theme song for 2015 number 2

Happy February everyone,

I must admit am so happy to be in this new month. This year I decided to make every day and every month count towards my big year 2015.

To help me just get it right I managed to get my dream board or my vision board going. I must admit that just the act of getting that done, has already done wonders for my mind and my focus on the goals. Every day I look at my board and get inspired.

To help me on this journey of the 6 figure income, music plays an important part. It has the power to move me in so many ways. I love listening to music. I love singing along to my favorite songs. In fact music is with me all the time, in the car, during my workouts, and as I type away there is always some song in the back ground that is playing.

I feel such a connection with the lyrics and the melody and harmonies of songs.  Some make me just want to get up and get moving. Others make me feel the sadness of the heartbreak that we all have gone through. Others give me hope. Then there are the praise ones and worship ones that just connect my whole being to my creator, My God. These are the one’s that I really hold dear. These days I’m grateful that we have all types, from Gospel, Hymns, to Praise and boy do I just love to Praise.

My other theme song for 2015 makes me feel so good. I think it’s because I now know for the longest time in my life, I have been hiding. I have not really wanted my light to shine. In as much as I would like to do my work and live my life well, I really did not want to be noticed.

But that has all changed. This light of mine must shine and shine and shine in 2015.

Now do not get me wrong,

It’s not the attention am seeking, I have come to see and appreciate myself others will and hence my light will shine.

And that is it.

We all are to shine in what we love to do, and we are to shine by doing it so well that even when the thought of what you do comes to anyone’s mind they can only think of you and mention you even when you are not present.

I hope you like my second theme song. I love it.

Lets all come out, and be our true selves. Let us shine this year and let this year know you are here!