Being Thankful


Travel cake

Today has been just been so awesome!

I was trying to get this blog done in the morning when I had to leave for my first appointment of the day.

And so I left, got there on time, had some few minutes to myself before she arrived.

I had met her briefly last week, she came highly recommended by her work mate but time was not on our side.

But you know; you gotta be thankful for some incidences such as that one- of time not being on our side, because today we got to have time, to see the opportunity and to talk.

All I have to say is that I’m so grateful and thankful for meeting with her today.  She made me do thing that I love most doing- sharing my ups, my downs and my lessons learnt.

She is one of those people who you meet and just know the world is never going to be the same.

She has the right attitude towards her job, she is going to look into doing her own consultancy and decide if we work together or not.

This is why I love what I do, and Lavinda just made me love my work even more today, and for that I’m thankful.

I get to share my life with her through this blog, I get to share my  work with her and others and in doing so,  I may just pass a little bit of sunshine into someones life.

Be thankful to those around you, who make you thrive, who bring out the best in you, who give you the reason to keep on going, who push you to your next level, who love you for just being you and who at the end of the day want to join you in making every day of this year of 2015 count.

Today am thankful to Lavinda, Gladys and Gerard, even if we do not get to work together in building dreams, thank you for making my work and my life – colorful and enabling me to be of service to you.

Now am off to meet up with George and I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!


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