Good bye January 2015

This year I decided to make the most out of each day, each week and each month.

I started the year on a good note, bidding 2014 good bye. To be honest I really wanted to bid it good bye, it was a challenging year- not that challenges are bad, but I just wanted it to end, and end it did.

Come January I sat down and looked squarely at my 2015, 12 great months- if that is what I wanted. 12 months to make my year fantastic. 12 months not to repeat the last 12.

I had 12 months.

I got busy putting my goals to paper – and not in my head. I actually took time out to decide what my 2015 is going to be- no matter what.
And the main theme was going all out- living to my fullest potential, and to my core believes and values.

And I have January to thank for that- being the first month of this amazing year, many people have resolutions, I decided not to have any- just goals, for the month.

I admit, I really did enjoy the month of January , It passed so quickly and I did achieve some goals while others I did not. (I have carried them forward)

So as I welcome the Month of February, I must bid January good bye and give thanks!

Thank you January for:
1. Experiencing sunny walks every evening.
2. Managing to go and take a swim!
3. Reading two books – Robin Sharma the Monk who sold his Ferrari and the Unemployed Millionaire by Matt Morris.
4. New life for my daughter at University
5. Vision Board
6. Pushing myself to get out and to get things done.
7. The joys of my children and family – in all the noise that the world brings with it, I managed to be fully present and engaged with my family.
8. Weight loss ! Yuppieee
9 Finally the desire to crush in February all the goals set.


Theme song for 2015 number 2

Happy February everyone,

I must admit am so happy to be in this new month. This year I decided to make every day and every month count towards my big year 2015.

To help me just get it right I managed to get my dream board or my vision board going. I must admit that just the act of getting that done, has already done wonders for my mind and my focus on the goals. Every day I look at my board and get inspired.

To help me on this journey of the 6 figure income, music plays an important part. It has the power to move me in so many ways. I love listening to music. I love singing along to my favorite songs. In fact music is with me all the time, in the car, during my workouts, and as I type away there is always some song in the back ground that is playing.

I feel such a connection with the lyrics and the melody and harmonies of songs.  Some make me just want to get up and get moving. Others make me feel the sadness of the heartbreak that we all have gone through. Others give me hope. Then there are the praise ones and worship ones that just connect my whole being to my creator, My God. These are the one’s that I really hold dear. These days I’m grateful that we have all types, from Gospel, Hymns, to Praise and boy do I just love to Praise.

My other theme song for 2015 makes me feel so good. I think it’s because I now know for the longest time in my life, I have been hiding. I have not really wanted my light to shine. In as much as I would like to do my work and live my life well, I really did not want to be noticed.

But that has all changed. This light of mine must shine and shine and shine in 2015.

Now do not get me wrong,

It’s not the attention am seeking, I have come to see and appreciate myself others will and hence my light will shine.

And that is it.

We all are to shine in what we love to do, and we are to shine by doing it so well that even when the thought of what you do comes to anyone’s mind they can only think of you and mention you even when you are not present.

I hope you like my second theme song. I love it.

Lets all come out, and be our true selves. Let us shine this year and let this year know you are here!