The Journey to Finding Self

It’s been a long long time since I last wrote.

A lot has happened in a year and then some. So I will start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start ūüôā

In my network  marketing  company I did move ranks and hit residual income.
It came at a cost too, one of my dear friends and team-mate also decided to leave. So it was bitter-sweet.
It hit me hard real hard. It felt like a breakup.¬†I¬† was gutted. Funny enough I don’t¬† know if I begged for a reason and understanding as to why.

It was not easy. This was someone I communicated with every day. We went for meetings together, we trained together, and planned together on everything.

I don’t know when, where or how I came to this point. And worse still at the time I did not know what to do.

After some time I realized¬† that I needed to honestly¬† find myself. I¬† needed to¬† look at and find out why this was devastating, surely I shouldn’t have taken it so¬† hard, but I did. Why?

The joy of the business¬† had also gone. Seeing as we had worked together for so long.¬† Even though I had no joy I kept my commitment to attend the meetings & training’s.

As time went by, I decided to take a sabbatical and revisit my core, my self.
It has been an interesting journey. I have  found  my voice, I have found my self and I am now ready for my life.

The good, the beautiful lessons learnt, I’m still learning and growing.

So here is my first lesson.

‚ô°Always be true to you.
Many people have advice on what you should do when you are going through your storm.

-We listen because maybe its a friend who went through something similar and knows better, or maybe because we need to  hear anything & everything to make us feel better.
Or we really do not know that our true self is more than capable of going through the storm so we whine and mourn and seek attention from whoever is available to listen.

After all is said and done. Unless you face your true self and get real and answer all the questions that you need to, in order to move on, you will be stuck.

So lesson one, be true to yourself, acknowledge your hurt, pain and everything that needs to be acknowledged, it does not mean you agree or you are okay with it, but at least you are not hiding your head in the sand, and hoping that everything will just sort itself out, it never will unless you are present.

Have a true to you day!