I cant start by saying Happy New Year – on the other hand I think I can, in as much as most people start their year in January, I believe a year can start any time even this day, it is all up to you.

The first official month of the year has gone, and a new month – February has started and before you know it, after the love hearts,chocolates and fuzzy feelings the month will be over. And a new month will begin.

Each month ends and a new one starts and this happens as the seasons change. Have you noticed that all seasons transit into one another and they all have signs or signals.

How do you move from one month to another? Are you on transit? Where are you now? which season? which month and where are you heading? what kind of transit will you need?

In the airline world, there are airport cities that help you transit to the next plane to continue your journey or bring your journey to an end- destination achieved.

Have you considered that perhaps each month prepares you for the destination and some are transit months?

What do you or what should you do during a transit? do you prepare for one ? or does one just find you on the way?

Is February 2019 a transit month or are you still on the journey and your transit is coming up?


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