Celebrating Hero’s

Today we have a public holiday to celebrate the country’s Hero’s.

So today I want to take time out and celebrate a few of my Hero’s.

The first Hero’s I celebrate  are my parents: To my parents-you are my Hero’s. You made it a point to give me better than you got, from my environment, education and exposure to the world – at a cost – you denied yourselves much for me. And up to now you are my greatest fans. To me you are my Hero’s.

To the single mum’s and dad’s- It has not been an easy road raising children by yourself. I know that some of you do have assistance from family and friends but I salute you all. You are also my Hero’s.
To parents who have stuck it out in their marriage and raised children to see that marriage works with its ups and downs and knowing that you have stuck it through You all are my Hero’s

To teachers and lectures everywhere -You have taught so many children, most of us turn out amazing. Thank you.

To the men and women who sacrifice their lives to protect me and the country – You are my Hero’s

To the men and women who make sure that when am sick or my children are sick that we get attention and treatment – sometimes far away from home. You are my Hero’s

To the men and women who go to spread the good news of love – of healing, of forgiveness of repentance.  Feed, clothe and love on those that society- do not remember You are my Hero’s.

To the rest of humanity – those who have decided to pursue their purpose with such seal and wholeness; you bring us the colors of love, the harmony in music, the beauty in art and pictures, the joy in caring and sharing , the uniqueness of each human spirit in each book. You are my Hero’s.

I hope if you have any Hero’s in your life you will take the time to let them know – and share them with others!

Happy Hero’s Day!




What a Year! 2014

Should I say it again??

OK here goes Am Back!

I am not sure if you remember that I actually started blogging a few years back ( in 2011) at the time it seemed to be quiet easy to be honest the only thing I really did not do was create time, the culture and consistency in pursuing blogging.

I could blame it on my life; and to be honest I really do have an interesting life!

It’s 2014 – the final quarter of this year. And boy has this been a year!

I cannot even start to explain my 2014 – it has been the year that I have been forced to grow, forced to face myself in the mirror countless times, forced to decide if am going to attain my dreams, forced to embrace struggle, forced to go through some humiliating aspects of life in order to become humble.

I have had to come to the point of  deciding what is important and what is not, to decide if I want to be among the 3% or the 97% in every area of my life.

It has not been an easy year.

But in all this – I have learned  to answer a question that my friend asked me in the beginning of my shenanigans.

Why do you think this is happening to you?

I had no answer as I had been asking myself the very same question.

And to add to her question, I asked myself – and why now?

And to further make sure I did get and answer;  the most pressing of all questions….. What is it that am supposed to learn so that I don’t come back to this “place” again!

It is almost as if God in His own humorous way, had finally gotten my attention.

My attention to what???

My attention to ME. Imagine that!  I had not really being paying some real attention to me.

I pay a whole lot attention to my family, to whats going on around me and others but I realized, I was not registering or resonating with what was going on around me. No real focus on ME- My life, My Vision, My goals My dreams My destiny- My legacy.

And that had to change – and boy have I started changing!

Am coming  through this storm- am now getting out and can see the blue  sunny skies up ahead.

It has not been easy and it has not been fun. But as I look at where I am today. It has been worth it.

I have come to accept and appreciate  that my life needs me in It- fully participating, fully engaged, fully alive and living.

And now am fully determined to exhaust every minute of this breathe I take in, with all the lessons I have had to learn and looking forward to all the lessons yet to come!

So I say, BRING IT ON.

Am ready, am confident and determined – my mind is made up. Am secure, am focused and now very very alive.

Most of all Am happy!

Who Am I and why am I here

Who am I?

That’s a great question. Well my name is Susan. Am a young lady, born in Kenya. I am everything my environment and life years have had the opportunity to experience. Am loving, kind, fun, sentimental and alive. I have music in my being and color in my bones.  Am the capacity to experience more and learn more of who I am; as I do believe that i am still  a work in progress.

Why am I here?

I have a purpose on this earth that I must accomplish in the time that I have left.

But why am I here? in the blogging 101 class, is because part of my purpose is to share with others- to find the best medium or way to communicate with other people through words, music and stories- some real, some imagined ;and hopefully after all the sharing is done – to learn, to grow and to pass on to the next group of people.

Letting Go…..

Its been raining this year in interesting months, in months that I did not think it would rain- and pour it did- and most of the time it did- I was not prepared for the rain. How many of us were prepared for the changes in 2011?

This year has been one of the most challenging for me personally – why? Well it has been a year of change- just like the weather patterns have forced us to change our thinking, that rain must only come in the months that we are used to – things do change. And change can be challenging – or I guess it depends on your view point.

Back to 2011, let me try and paint a picture of the change am talking about. In the first quarter of the year I moved house, which meant that my routes to work changed, and my waking up hours changed and hence my going to bed hours also changed.

In the second quarter there was change in the office – it was not planned for, and in the last quarter of this year I Changed. I changed my view of my working life- I changed my view of my purpose of life and i decided to start getting into my calling /vocation -my passion.

It has been a year of learning, to be able to accept change one must learn to let go- let me repeat that, one must learn to LET GO.

Letting go of anything is not easy and most people do not realize that- in itself letting go means choosing to adapt or to accept change.

I have been looking back at 2011, stepping out of being inside the picture of 2011 and looking at the picture frame and the picture itself – looking at the colors of 2011, looking at the moments of gray, rain and then sunrise or sunset. Looking at the peaks and the valleys of 2011.

When one can step back and admire the gift of the picture of 2011, you may surprise yourself, and notice that even when there were valleys of grey and terrible storms – there were always rays of light- sun shine or moonlight that broke the through, there was love, there was laughter, dancing and yes there were tears.

Finally as you take in the whole picture of almost 342 days of 2011, you realize there is a lot to take in, and some moments will escape your memory, some may not- they are key, they are lesson’s they are growing up mementos, and these moments – snap shots or frames like a movie are engraved in your mind and heart forever.

Then there are those other moments which you need to remove, delete from your memory, these are the ones that we sometimes find so hard to let go of.

I am not expert on letting go, especially areas of life that have brought joy and in the same breath have brought pain, but I have learnt that some of the shades of grey, and storms in life will come with joy and with pain and the lessons is learnt by getting what needs to be gotten and then letting go.

As we come to the end of 2011, look at your beautiful picture of this year, accept it- all of it, it has been your picutre painted by your own hand – look at everything and for the areas that have pain- these are the areas where you have to learn that you do not have to carry them into 2012, you can let them go.

And celebrate the rest- literally, celebrate this life you have lived this year! do not be shy, dance about it, talk about it, testify about it- to yourself to your spouse, to your friends, to your children, to your church and to your nation.

Be determined to paint more next year, choose brighter colors- if you feel you had no color or not as bright as you wanted. Do the thing that you missed out on doing this year, play that violin, learn to speak that language, travel, love more, cry if you did not, hug more, kiss your spouse and kids more, learn to live, to breath and to paint the picture you want to see.

All this will happen if you let go…..

“You have a destiny “says my best friend.

Its been a while since I have been here. I wish I could claim that I have writers block……. but that would be a lie.
Life has been happening. I wanted to do the follow up on the best friends.

I have purposely made time for it today so I hope this gets to you and touches you and others- the main reason for the blog.

Do you remember a time when you met someone and they just kind of knew you? It happens all the time. These days it seems to be happening more and more. Then after sometime something starts to happen, either they are in your space too much and too often, or you just cant stand them anymore, or you just grow apart for now apparent reason. Am sure we all have had that.

Hence the question on the best friend…. and since this is a follow up I wanted to find out how we all have been doing in that regard, if indeed we have made time for them told them how important they are to us.

I wanted to let you know that I have this best friend who has just been amazing. He seems to just love me the way I am, and it has been just a beautiful growing relationship.

The way I would want to define this friend and relationship am in; is to recall i quote or a sentence that I read sometime ago somewhere.. “Some people come into your life for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime”

For a long time that was my favorite quote or tag line, then it happened to talk to me more- the thing with friendships is to know which season your in with which friend. Hence some are here for a specific reason- very specific- it could be to help you grow in or out of issues. Others are there for sometime- longer periods could be months or years, and others well they are there for they long haul.

Now just because some do not make it to the long haul does not mean that the relationship and friendship meant little or did not have or hold value. Love holds value irregardless of time!

And so I have come to appreciate all the friends in all the seasons and all the love that has been shared between us.

For the last two years I have been in this relationship that I can honestly define as a long haul one. He is this best friend that I have said just loves me the way I am. It did not start the way we all think relationships should start- it actually started out of pain-then curiosity.

He never judged me, just listen to me talk and talk and talk. Cry and cry and cry. Watched me eat all the ice cream that I could and all the food that I could to try and make myself feel better all the while reminding me that he was always there- irregardless of the food, tears and pain; and anytime I needed rest or just was too exhausted to even think – he would show up, without call and help me sleep and rest.

After sometime of this and I guess when I was tired of all the drama, he encouraged me to do something very interesting – to go and get healing for my soul. This process would take me through a journey of going back to go forward- there I met others who were on the same journey. And through out the whole thing- he was there.
This kind of support, this kind of concern and this kind of love was new to me- very new and I was not sure he would always be there or it would last cause well, the kind of friendships I have been in and the relationships I had before, had not reached this level of real commitment.

And so I went back to go forward- and forward we decided to go- together. He promised me that the journey would sometimes bring up bad memories or issues that I would rather forget and just gloss over and move away from- but with his help, he would see me through- so i would be able to get healing for my soul.

I finally made it through the first phase of the journey- and you should have seen his face- so proud of me, for taking that first step of trusting him and achieving healing.

Then he encouraged me to practice what I had learned, so that I could grow- to grow in self confidence, in self esteem and in faith and trust in him. Basically to move a step higher in our relationship to grow it to a real friendship. He so gently affirmed me.

He noted that I may not believe in myself at that moment and even now, but that he saw in me more than just potential to do a good job at work and being a mother and friend- he told me that I had such a destiny within me that he could and would make sure that I would attain it.

Now truly this was more than I could hold on to, destiny ? me? how? where? when? and how would I know that he will be there always? I mean don’t destines take years to achieve? so… if I start now would he be there one year from now? two ? three?
And so I decide well, what really do i have to loose? destiny- A friend who believes and affirms my destiny! what better friend could I ever ask for!

Now am sure some of you must be like …….. yah right there is no such a person. I could have made him up- some imaginary character. Well in my next blog I will introduce you to him.

Best Friends!

Do you have a best friend? Over the years I have wondered why we have this term, and how do we qualify anyone to be your best friend? and does the person who you “claim” to be your best friend even know that you consider them as that?

Well as I ponder on this question and the title of this blog- I challenge you to tell your best friend- that they are- and if possible why, and find out if indeed they regard you as indeed their best friend.

As for me- well, I have two great friends that I have treasured as my best friends.

I have a best girl friend, and a best guy friend- but recently as i got to thinking about this, I realised that they have no clue that I hold them so dear or in such high regard.

Also I have come to know someone else- I totally just love to hang out with him.

As all relationships go, when attention starts to go to the “new” kid on the block some friends- best or not- do not like it, in fact it can get a little tad complicated.  Thankfully my two best friends are very happy for me- so its been all good.

More on that and my “aha” moment on my  new best friend in my next blog.

Enjoy your friends- life is not short with friends – its wonderful, its colorful, its a life worth living 🙂

First week on the blog!



Its been a few days since I was here, been busy wondering what to blog about – not that I have nothing, its just there has been a lot going on, so not sure where to start.

As Maria would say in the Sound of Music- Lets start at the very beginning, its a very good place to start- so this week has been great!


I have been up and about the county of Kiambu and the new road network is almost done- and it will be so much easier for all of us to get from one place to another, which we all must agree will bring signs of relieve 🙂

I have managed to visit many customers this week- getting to know each other- I thrive on this!  Am a real Sanguine – though as we all know keeping everyone in mind is not one of my strong points HOWEVER catching up, getting to know you much better, your likes and dislikes and all well that I just love!  So it has been a cup of mocha for me!

Finally I had a one to one with myself, had some caramel popcorn (yummy), got to watch the Transformers! (yes i love bumble bee and co), I had previously watched Kunfu Panda 2 with the kids, and got to thinking -how everyone wants to have a super hero, and I mean everyone- watch every movie there has to be a Super hero- Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, well you get my drift.

Well what has been eating me is all these heroes have all these super powers that the whole world seems to want and need, and they all fight for something like physically- even Kunfu Panda actually gets to fight and show his awesomeness!

But in the whole thing we all miss  something!

We have a super hero the best actually who does not need to ‘fight’ the way we are used to seeing on the big screen, He does fight for us and boy does He love us, but He fights for us with Grace, with Love, and with His own life!

I wonder do you know this Super hero? and if not……….. Why?