Best Friends!

Do you have a best friend? Over the years I have wondered why we have this term, and how do we qualify anyone to be your best friend? and does the person who you “claim” to be your best friend even know that you consider them as that?

Well as I ponder on this question and the title of this blog- I challenge you to tell your best friend- that they are- and if possible why, and find out if indeed they regard you as indeed their best friend.

As for me- well, I have two great friends that I have treasured as my best friends.

I have a best girl friend, and a best guy friend- but recently as i got to thinking about this, I realised that they have no clue that I hold them so dear or in such high regard.

Also I have come to know someone else- I totally just love to hang out with him.

As all relationships go, when attention starts to go to the “new” kid on the block some friends- best or not- do not like it, in fact it can get a little tad complicated.  Thankfully my two best friends are very happy for me- so its been all good.

More on that and my “aha” moment on my  new best friend in my next blog.

Enjoy your friends- life is not short with friends – its wonderful, its colorful, its a life worth living 🙂


First week on the blog!



Its been a few days since I was here, been busy wondering what to blog about – not that I have nothing, its just there has been a lot going on, so not sure where to start.

As Maria would say in the Sound of Music- Lets start at the very beginning, its a very good place to start- so this week has been great!


I have been up and about the county of Kiambu and the new road network is almost done- and it will be so much easier for all of us to get from one place to another, which we all must agree will bring signs of relieve 🙂

I have managed to visit many customers this week- getting to know each other- I thrive on this!  Am a real Sanguine – though as we all know keeping everyone in mind is not one of my strong points HOWEVER catching up, getting to know you much better, your likes and dislikes and all well that I just love!  So it has been a cup of mocha for me!

Finally I had a one to one with myself, had some caramel popcorn (yummy), got to watch the Transformers! (yes i love bumble bee and co), I had previously watched Kunfu Panda 2 with the kids, and got to thinking -how everyone wants to have a super hero, and I mean everyone- watch every movie there has to be a Super hero- Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, well you get my drift.

Well what has been eating me is all these heroes have all these super powers that the whole world seems to want and need, and they all fight for something like physically- even Kunfu Panda actually gets to fight and show his awesomeness!

But in the whole thing we all miss  something!

We have a super hero the best actually who does not need to ‘fight’ the way we are used to seeing on the big screen, He does fight for us and boy does He love us, but He fights for us with Grace, with Love, and with His own life!

I wonder do you know this Super hero? and if not……….. Why?