Who are you listening to?

The question above came from my Spiritual Father and mentor last month.

He was explaining why we have so many issues facing us today and attributed the problem to Knowledge. Yes Knowledge.

To explain better from the view of my family, Adam and Eve ate the fruit and indeed received knowledge. It is only after eating this fruit did they realize that they were naked. Before then; they were at peace. No knowledge on nudity. Soon after eating the fruit they heard God walking about and went and heed. God calls out to Adam.Asking where he is and his response is interesting.

He responded by saying he was hiding in the tress because he was naked. And God asks him the question. “Who told you, you’re naked?”

Another way as my Spiritual Father and Mentor brought out, “Who told you, you’re poor?” “Who told you, you are sick?” “Who told you, you’re not getting married?” “Who told you, you’re business idea cannot work?”

Really who told you?

And most important, why did or do you listen to that voice?

The voice that speaks over your life, is the voice that determines your destiny.

I think it would be wise to take time out of your life and ask and answer those questions. Especially if you are following a voice over your life that has no success to it, is not making progress in any area let alone the one you are perusing.

What type of knowledge are you letting into your life? Your heart, your family, your career, your children, your work or business, your mind and your environment. Is it moving you forward impacting lives, changing history or remaining stagnant with a bad attitude to boot.

Who are you listening to and why?







So what is focus?
By definition
1.the center of interest or activity.

2.the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.

1.(of a person or their eyes) adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly.

2. pay particular attention to.

So my question to myself when 2017 started is what is my focus for the year? and where will I be focusing – Yes I may have some goals-a few but what will I be focusing on.
Well for me to answer this question I had to write down all my goals and then break them into monthly goals and then weekly goals so that I could see clearly what I wanted to do and if indeed fitted into the overall goal.

Why was this important for me to break down every thing down to the week? well for me to plan and then be able to focus to really be CLEAR on what that week is all about – day-to-day and what I will be able to achieve, accomplish.

So the question I want to ask you – What are you focusing on now and why?

I can’t wait to read from you and hear what your focus is!

The Journey- The new normal

So the other day, I was back, happy to be back writing and looking forward to what this life journey would have in store for me.

As I started the Journey to finding self, I wanted to go back to where I had left off, in 2015 and explain why that year was a year of not just self discovery but a year of self acceptance, and getting my authenticity back!

Well life never really goes the way one plans, I guess it would be so mundane if it did go to the exact beat of my drum.
A lot has happened since I wrote the other day, and I do not know where to start, but I wanted to share this part of my journey with you. Why? Well because I am learning new lessons every day and for the past 21 days my idea of life has been shaken, what I consider important or urgent has been moved, the paradigm shift that I thought I had in my life – was shifted again. But this time, I have welcomed it with love and with a good attitude. Ce la vie, or as I have grown to love  – it is what it is.

On this new normal part of the journey, I have come to embrace my lessons, and myself. As a woman, a mother, a sister and a friend. There is a part missing but I am looking forward to going through that part of that journey.

In my new normal, being a mother and daughter has been redefined. I am learning and re learning everything my mother taught me, I am now doing it all for my mother. Patience, kindness, love, forgiveness, friendships, and friends, strength in self, and most important dependence and reliance in God.

To be able to face this new normal life, with grace, to ask for wisdom and understanding, to seek first to understand – than and then to be understood, to be available – totally to this new way of living, and to be thankful that I get to spend this time doing everything I can to help where I can, to make my Mum’s life so much more – sweeter, easier, greener, colorful, more laughter, more sharing, more of anything – to soak up this moment, this life this journey, this new normal and to find time to be grateful.

I welcome the new normal, as a guest, not to stay forever but to help us cross over from this part of the journey of life to the other part that awaits us, a better part, a fuller part, a blessed part a testimony part and most important a journey of courage, impact and growth.





Theme song for 2015 number 2

Happy February everyone,

I must admit am so happy to be in this new month. This year I decided to make every day and every month count towards my big year 2015.

To help me just get it right I managed to get my dream board or my vision board going. I must admit that just the act of getting that done, has already done wonders for my mind and my focus on the goals. Every day I look at my board and get inspired.

To help me on this journey of the 6 figure income, music plays an important part. It has the power to move me in so many ways. I love listening to music. I love singing along to my favorite songs. In fact music is with me all the time, in the car, during my workouts, and as I type away there is always some song in the back ground that is playing.

I feel such a connection with the lyrics and the melody and harmonies of songs.  Some make me just want to get up and get moving. Others make me feel the sadness of the heartbreak that we all have gone through. Others give me hope. Then there are the praise ones and worship ones that just connect my whole being to my creator, My God. These are the one’s that I really hold dear. These days I’m grateful that we have all types, from Gospel, Hymns, to Praise and boy do I just love to Praise.

My other theme song for 2015 makes me feel so good. I think it’s because I now know for the longest time in my life, I have been hiding. I have not really wanted my light to shine. In as much as I would like to do my work and live my life well, I really did not want to be noticed.

But that has all changed. This light of mine must shine and shine and shine in 2015.

Now do not get me wrong,

It’s not the attention am seeking, I have come to see and appreciate myself others will and hence my light will shine.

And that is it.

We all are to shine in what we love to do, and we are to shine by doing it so well that even when the thought of what you do comes to anyone’s mind they can only think of you and mention you even when you are not present.

I hope you like my second theme song. I love it.

Lets all come out, and be our true selves. Let us shine this year and let this year know you are here!

Saying goodbye to 2014

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2014 has been such a roller coaster year. I have mixed emotions. It has been a real challenging year.

My faith has been challenged. My hope has been tested.
My belief systems and self belief has been stretched.  My definitions to the word success have been put on the stand for cross-examination.

My whole life has undergone a real earth-shaking quake.

Am not the kind of person who cries. In public or in private. I used to cry at the drop of a hat many years ago.  I thought it one of my best gifts especially for roles in plays that required tears.
I then started crying while watching many moving movies, this then influenced my emotional state when dealing with people going through a lot in their own lives.

Something happened.

Can’t really remember what at this moment that changed all that.

I think 2014 taught me it is okay to cry!

This last few days I have gone back through my mind to see what 2014 was all about.

Challenged to grow: 2014

I can summarize 2014 as the year that I was challenged to grow.  I was going through one thing after the other, and my perception of the changes was very negative.

In the beginning I really was just gutted, plain and simple. I felt that I had let myself and my children down.

But I made a decision a few weeks ago, to take time and really focus on myself and all the issues that I was experiencing.  This led me to take responsibility and accept 2014 for what it was, it was a year for me to face myself.

The greatest person I needed to face was Me.

The good, the bad and the ugly and then breathe and release all the negativity. I took the challenge and I have grown, in wisdom, in acceptance in forgiveness and in excitement of looking forward and conquering my goals!

I’m more in tune with Me and I’m so ready for 2015.

So, to the year 2014, I just want to say, Thank you for every lesson I have learnt.

The most important – Be true to thy self and Know thy self

Finally – Live!

Happy New year to you all, from my family to yours!


Look out 2015 Here I come- Susan full of passion, Purpose and Praise. Continue reading “Saying goodbye to 2014”