Who are you listening to?

The question above came from my Spiritual Father and mentor last month.

He was explaining why we have so many issues facing us today and attributed the problem to Knowledge. Yes Knowledge.

To explain better from the view of my family, Adam and Eve ate the fruit and indeed received knowledge. It is only after eating this fruit did they realize that they were naked. Before then; they were at peace. No knowledge on nudity. Soon after eating the fruit they heard God walking about and went and heed. God calls out to Adam.Asking where he is and his response is interesting.

He responded by saying he was hiding in the tress because he was naked. And God asks him the question. “Who told you, you’re naked?”

Another way as my Spiritual Father and Mentor brought out, “Who told you, you’re poor?” “Who told you, you are sick?” “Who told you, you’re not getting married?” “Who told you, you’re business idea cannot work?”

Really who told you?

And most important, why did or do you listen to that voice?

The voice that speaks over your life, is the voice that determines your destiny.

I think it would be wise to take time out of your life and ask and answer those questions. Especially if you are following a voice over your life that has no success to it, is not making progress in any area let alone the one you are perusing.

What type of knowledge are you letting into your life? Your heart, your family, your career, your children, your work or business, your mind and your environment. Is it moving you forward impacting lives, changing history or remaining stagnant with a bad attitude to boot.

Who are you listening to and why?






My Words for 2017

As we crossed over into 2017, I was wondering what will make this year my most significant year?
What can I do this year that will for sure make it so different, have more impact, not just achieve my goals but crash them in terms of the return, the effect on others.

And these four words come to me:
1. Focus
2. Consistency
3. Commitment
4. Character

When I got these words I was like -okay no big deal, so what? but after some time and thought I have come to love and appreciate these words. I am committed to studying them and learning from them and really applying them every day to what I have decided to do.

In the month of January we went through the word Focus, we are now at the area of Vision. Do you have a vision for 2017? have you seen what you are going to achieve this 2017? are you replaying it in your mind every day? Twice a day?

I see my self everyday equipping leaders and professionals, by training, coaching and mentoring. I see myself on the stage talking and sharing and learning from others. I see myself travelling around the country, continents doing the same thing. I see myself and my children enjoying time together having fun, reading, sight seeing, visiting museums and amusement parks. I see myself meeting new leaders from all over the world, who are excited and are sharing their nuggets of wisdom with me. I can go on and on.

What do you see for yourself in 2017?

What does focus bring?

In the month of January I was getting my focus in check. I have been making sure that; that which I want to achieve this year is in clear view and sight.

I’m also making sure that I put on some blinders, because there are many shinny things that can and will come around, that can make me loose focus. It takes just a minute and look elsewhere and loose focus and sink!

Trust me, ask Peter! One minute he was walking on the water and in the next he began to sink. Well he lost focus and faith.

Where does the faith come in? how does it relate with focus? I think faith plays a big part as it helps us focus on our vision.

For the last few weeks I have been asking the question what is your focus? or where are you focusing on this year?

I believe it has been a bit challenging to a few people to answer the question especially if they do not have a VISION.

Focus brings clarity to your Vision!

Do you have a VISION?

What is your 2017 vision? and are you focusing on it?


So what is focus?
By definition
1.the center of interest or activity.

2.the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.

1.(of a person or their eyes) adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly.

2. pay particular attention to.

So my question to myself when 2017 started is what is my focus for the year? and where will I be focusing – Yes I may have some goals-a few but what will I be focusing on.
Well for me to answer this question I had to write down all my goals and then break them into monthly goals and then weekly goals so that I could see clearly what I wanted to do and if indeed fitted into the overall goal.

Why was this important for me to break down every thing down to the week? well for me to plan and then be able to focus to really be CLEAR on what that week is all about – day-to-day and what I will be able to achieve, accomplish.

So the question I want to ask you – What are you focusing on now and why?

I can’t wait to read from you and hear what your focus is!

I’m taking another step!

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This is the week, I have to accomplish my goals for the month and hit the residual income.

Am super excited.

I can’t lie sometimes I’m also a tad bit anxious. Have you ever known that you had to move the next level? But that means more. More of you being.

How am I coping? I found this very awesome video, that reminds me that everything happens for a reason.

The thing is my perception of myself is now ready for the next move. There are so many lessons I have learnt and am still learning on this journey. Sometimes I wanted that fast move, and am grateful that I have had to learn patience, and handling what I can at this step.

Knowing that this is my journey, I may have some people on the same path, but most of the time the path is mine. I have a few friends or family with me on some steps, but mostly I have to make so many decisions and take many other steps and many of them alone.

This is not a bad thing. Learning yourself, being humble, being coach-able, being in action, leads you to being ready to take the step, and take another step.

This is the journey, so here I am taking another step.

But let TD Jakes say it better

To those of you who are making sure that this is going to be your best year ever, please watch this short video. Keep at it. We are now left with 10 months to create our amazing 2015. I know it is possible. I am not going to quit, I may fall, but am back up. I am determined to make this year the best year ever.

Just because I can.

Let us do this!


The power of little by little

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I am discovering every day is the power of little by little.

Doing something towards my goals each day and in a week I have covered a lot.
Now at the end of January I did not achieve all my goals but I got such awesome results.

You may not be aware that my favorite pair of jeans at one point were not fitting – not even close. I was so upset at the time with myself.
I really did not realize last year what was going on with me, around me and of course on me!
So when it came to putting on my jeans that fateful day and they could not fit- that was the action that broke my back.

I decided to change the story and write a new one.

So, one of my 2015 goals is to loose at least 2 kilos each month. I am not just loosing weight am changing my lifestyle; making sure I do eat more healthy, get in some exercise every day – twice a day – one major one in the morning and one polite walk in the evening.

In as much as I do not like to walk, jog or run, I have ended up really liking my evening walks, I love seeing the trees and the sunsets are so pretty.

Little by little in the month of January I lost 4 kilos (yupieeeee)
Just by keeping at it. Mostly by having a good attitude towards the exercise and eating what is healthy. I do of course have my occasional ice cream and sweets, but not as much and not as often.

I love the results.
The power of little steps here, little aerobics there and the result at the end of the month is worth every little activity that I have put in.

So I want to encourage us all, let us remember to practice the power of little by little.
A little prayer here, a little prayer there. A little kindness here and a little kindness there, a little forgiveness here and a little forgiveness there. A little hug here a little hug there.

A big little smile here and am sure your going to give me back a big little smile from there!

Good bye January 2015

This year I decided to make the most out of each day, each week and each month.

I started the year on a good note, bidding 2014 good bye. To be honest I really wanted to bid it good bye, it was a challenging year- not that challenges are bad, but I just wanted it to end, and end it did.

Come January I sat down and looked squarely at my 2015, 12 great months- if that is what I wanted. 12 months to make my year fantastic. 12 months not to repeat the last 12.

I had 12 months.

I got busy putting my goals to paper – and not in my head. I actually took time out to decide what my 2015 is going to be- no matter what.
And the main theme was going all out- living to my fullest potential, and to my core believes and values.

And I have January to thank for that- being the first month of this amazing year, many people have resolutions, I decided not to have any- just goals, for the month.

I admit, I really did enjoy the month of January , It passed so quickly and I did achieve some goals while others I did not. (I have carried them forward)

So as I welcome the Month of February, I must bid January good bye and give thanks!

Thank you January for:
1. Experiencing sunny walks every evening.
2. Managing to go and take a swim!
3. Reading two books – Robin Sharma the Monk who sold his Ferrari and the Unemployed Millionaire by Matt Morris.
4. New life for my daughter at University
5. Vision Board
6. Pushing myself to get out and to get things done.
7. The joys of my children and family – in all the noise that the world brings with it, I managed to be fully present and engaged with my family.
8. Weight loss ! Yuppieee
9 Finally the desire to crush in February all the goals set.