Who are you listening to?

The question above came from my Spiritual Father and mentor last month.

He was explaining why we have so many issues facing us today and attributed the problem to Knowledge. Yes Knowledge.

To explain better from the view of my family, Adam and Eve ate the fruit and indeed received knowledge. It is only after eating this fruit did they realize that they were naked. Before then; they were at peace. No knowledge on nudity. Soon after eating the fruit they heard God walking about and went and heed. God calls out to Adam.Asking where he is and his response is interesting.

He responded by saying he was hiding in the tress because he was naked. And God asks him the question. “Who told you, you’re naked?”

Another way as my Spiritual Father and Mentor brought out, “Who told you, you’re poor?” “Who told you, you are sick?” “Who told you, you’re not getting married?” “Who told you, you’re business idea cannot work?”

Really who told you?

And most important, why did or do you listen to that voice?

The voice that speaks over your life, is the voice that determines your destiny.

I think it would be wise to take time out of your life and ask and answer those questions. Especially if you are following a voice over your life that has no success to it, is not making progress in any area let alone the one you are perusing.

What type of knowledge are you letting into your life? Your heart, your family, your career, your children, your work or business, your mind and your environment. Is it moving you forward impacting lives, changing history or remaining stagnant with a bad attitude to boot.

Who are you listening to and why?





This is my DARE Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017.

I have been away for the whole of last year. I had a shift. A major shift that made me learn and grow into a new normal. My Mum suffered a stroke early in 2016, and I had to start a new way of living. I had to go through so many emotions and stages.

In the beginning it was getting through the High Dependency Unit, and then when she passed that, it was getting through the ward. Soon she was given the go ahead to return home,and that started a new journey. I have been privileged to be staying home with Mum, and for the last few months we have moved through each phase, each challenge and now we are at a place of new growth.

For me to be able to be where I am, I have had to come through some difficult places on the journey; which way to turn left, right or to keep on going straight on. This has required wisdom, it has required understanding, it has required humility, and most importantly it has required me to reach out to those who are in a position higher than I am, in terms of lessons, experience and most importantly Spiritually.  There is a time in life I believe that one needs to re-examine their results, and question why ? why have I been here for one year, two years three years? why I am not where I know I should be? What is holding me back? Who is holding me back? and finally why????

Well, last year was that year to answer all these questions!  I am so happy that I have gone through what I have. I am stronger, more confident, more alive and more determined.

I am ready to live, I am ready to learn, I am ready to grow and I am determined not do this alone!

I hope you are ready, ready to DARE!

2017, this is my year to DARE and to SOAR. Because I am for Signs and Wonders!

Law of attraction

Just read a blog from a fellow blogger @Julio Laura on the Law of attraction.

Am actually happy that I did.

Towards the end of 2014,  nothing had really been going well for me, so when I read the blog, I knew I needed  to decompress my mind over this mambo jambo stuff – the Law of Attraction.


I watched the Secret when it came out some years back.

I  have some affirmations and visualization tools – which to be honest I have not used them at all ( after this I may just use them ☺), the blog got me wondering if this Law really is a Law.

Julio’s piece made me try a little experiment on my thinking and emotions.  Like real honestly thinking as to why got the results I had.

In the blog the following is written: “It’s the emotions that get the thinking going;be it positive or negative emotions you shall get what your emotional state is.”

I pondered, what emotion have I been focusing on?

And truth be told, one of the worst things that I  had been doing was always seeing the negative in any situation.  This is not bad in itself – it’s when I focused too much on the negative, It got me -I guess  having negative feelings and emotions or sending out negative vibes!

So am happy to declare that this new year I have decided to attract a whole lot of different good things into my life.

As you may have read my previous blog on welcoming the new year, my focus has changed completely.

I must admit, 14 days into the new year I have more focus, and I’m more centered.

As for my emotions I decided to focus on gratitude. Being thankful; even if life does throw challenges. I have to remember to look at the positive side of everything – accept what has happened and focus more on how to turn it into a positive; a lesson, an experience and an opportunity to share.

I can’t yet vet the law as a law will have to see, in the meantime we could focus on the following:

“Whatever is true, Whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things”- Philippians 4: 8

Have a beautiful attraction day 😉