Season’s : I am a seed.

It’s been a long while since I came and shared a few insights.  I had on occasion wanted to come and share, however I believed that when the time is right it would happen and most importantly it wouldn’t be a strain or a task, I would flow.

My life for the last three years changed in leaps and bounds. My Mum suffered a stroke just as I was entering into a new season. At that time, everything had to be put on hold. That particular time was what I called then the “New Normal” as everything changed. Everything.

And as I was searching for answers and guidance I entered into another season without really being aware of it. I have been learning, serving and being broken into the woman who I was born to be. During this process I have been enlightened to learn patience, life learning is a long process, some areas have speed, acceleration and other areas are going to take time and now I am okay with that.

There is no change without growth, and growth is  painful. A seed planted into the soil, has to die. Failure to which it cannot bring forth that which it carries.I had to learn during this period what kind of seed I am. i had to learn my identity.

My focus at the time was what I would produce. The result, the fruit, however I have come to learn that my identity is so important before being planted, and accepting my identity is vital for a great harvest.

Once I learned this lesson, the first season took place. The season of planting.

The season of being planted began; it was the season to die to self.




This is my DARE Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017.

I have been away for the whole of last year. I had a shift. A major shift that made me learn and grow into a new normal. My Mum suffered a stroke early in 2016, and I had to start a new way of living. I had to go through so many emotions and stages.

In the beginning it was getting through the High Dependency Unit, and then when she passed that, it was getting through the ward. Soon she was given the go ahead to return home,and that started a new journey. I have been privileged to be staying home with Mum, and for the last few months we have moved through each phase, each challenge and now we are at a place of new growth.

For me to be able to be where I am, I have had to come through some difficult places on the journey; which way to turn left, right or to keep on going straight on. This has required wisdom, it has required understanding, it has required humility, and most importantly it has required me to reach out to those who are in a position higher than I am, in terms of lessons, experience and most importantly Spiritually.  There is a time in life I believe that one needs to re-examine their results, and question why ? why have I been here for one year, two years three years? why I am not where I know I should be? What is holding me back? Who is holding me back? and finally why????

Well, last year was that year to answer all these questions!  I am so happy that I have gone through what I have. I am stronger, more confident, more alive and more determined.

I am ready to live, I am ready to learn, I am ready to grow and I am determined not do this alone!

I hope you are ready, ready to DARE!

2017, this is my year to DARE and to SOAR. Because I am for Signs and Wonders!

Good bye January 2015

This year I decided to make the most out of each day, each week and each month.

I started the year on a good note, bidding 2014 good bye. To be honest I really wanted to bid it good bye, it was a challenging year- not that challenges are bad, but I just wanted it to end, and end it did.

Come January I sat down and looked squarely at my 2015, 12 great months- if that is what I wanted. 12 months to make my year fantastic. 12 months not to repeat the last 12.

I had 12 months.

I got busy putting my goals to paper – and not in my head. I actually took time out to decide what my 2015 is going to be- no matter what.
And the main theme was going all out- living to my fullest potential, and to my core believes and values.

And I have January to thank for that- being the first month of this amazing year, many people have resolutions, I decided not to have any- just goals, for the month.

I admit, I really did enjoy the month of January , It passed so quickly and I did achieve some goals while others I did not. (I have carried them forward)

So as I welcome the Month of February, I must bid January good bye and give thanks!

Thank you January for:
1. Experiencing sunny walks every evening.
2. Managing to go and take a swim!
3. Reading two books – Robin Sharma the Monk who sold his Ferrari and the Unemployed Millionaire by Matt Morris.
4. New life for my daughter at University
5. Vision Board
6. Pushing myself to get out and to get things done.
7. The joys of my children and family – in all the noise that the world brings with it, I managed to be fully present and engaged with my family.
8. Weight loss ! Yuppieee
9 Finally the desire to crush in February all the goals set.