Who are you listening to?

The question above came from my Spiritual Father and mentor last month.

He was explaining why we have so many issues facing us today and attributed the problem to Knowledge. Yes Knowledge.

To explain better from the view of my family, Adam and Eve ate the fruit and indeed received knowledge. It is only after eating this fruit did they realize that they were naked. Before then; they were at peace. No knowledge on nudity. Soon after eating the fruit they heard God walking about and went and heed. God calls out to Adam.Asking where he is and his response is interesting.

He responded by saying he was hiding in the tress because he was naked. And God asks him the question. “Who told you, you’re naked?”

Another way as my Spiritual Father and Mentor brought out, “Who told you, you’re poor?” “Who told you, you are sick?” “Who told you, you’re not getting married?” “Who told you, you’re business idea cannot work?”

Really who told you?

And most important, why did or do you listen to that voice?

The voice that speaks over your life, is the voice that determines your destiny.

I think it would be wise to take time out of your life and ask and answer those questions. Especially if you are following a voice over your life that has no success to it, is not making progress in any area let alone the one you are perusing.

What type of knowledge are you letting into your life? Your heart, your family, your career, your children, your work or business, your mind and your environment. Is it moving you forward impacting lives, changing history or remaining stagnant with a bad attitude to boot.

Who are you listening to and why?





What does focus bring?

In the month of January I was getting my focus in check. I have been making sure that; that which I want to achieve this year is in clear view and sight.

I’m also making sure that I put on some blinders, because there are many shinny things that can and will come around, that can make me loose focus. It takes just a minute and look elsewhere and loose focus and sink!

Trust me, ask Peter! One minute he was walking on the water and in the next he began to sink. Well he lost focus and faith.

Where does the faith come in? how does it relate with focus? I think faith plays a big part as it helps us focus on our vision.

For the last few weeks I have been asking the question what is your focus? or where are you focusing on this year?

I believe it has been a bit challenging to a few people to answer the question especially if they do not have a VISION.

Focus brings clarity to your Vision!

Do you have a VISION?

What is your 2017 vision? and are you focusing on it?

This is my DARE Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017.

I have been away for the whole of last year. I had a shift. A major shift that made me learn and grow into a new normal. My Mum suffered a stroke early in 2016, and I had to start a new way of living. I had to go through so many emotions and stages.

In the beginning it was getting through the High Dependency Unit, and then when she passed that, it was getting through the ward. Soon she was given the go ahead to return home,and that started a new journey. I have been privileged to be staying home with Mum, and for the last few months we have moved through each phase, each challenge and now we are at a place of new growth.

For me to be able to be where I am, I have had to come through some difficult places on the journey; which way to turn left, right or to keep on going straight on. This has required wisdom, it has required understanding, it has required humility, and most importantly it has required me to reach out to those who are in a position higher than I am, in terms of lessons, experience and most importantly Spiritually.  There is a time in life I believe that one needs to re-examine their results, and question why ? why have I been here for one year, two years three years? why I am not where I know I should be? What is holding me back? Who is holding me back? and finally why????

Well, last year was that year to answer all these questions!  I am so happy that I have gone through what I have. I am stronger, more confident, more alive and more determined.

I am ready to live, I am ready to learn, I am ready to grow and I am determined not do this alone!

I hope you are ready, ready to DARE!

2017, this is my year to DARE and to SOAR. Because I am for Signs and Wonders!

Lessons learnt in the meantime

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This year I’m determined to make it count.  To give more, to be of service, to move ranks to grow personally in terms of myself believes and in making sure that I have mastered the habits of being balanced and successful.
On this journey to a six figure income I have had a meantime or a meanwhile stage.
In the beginning to be honest I did not appreciate this stage at all.
Fast is good, slow is painful-we all hear and know this especially when we join  any network marketing company and are brand new.

Some challenges start to arise when we forget that the journey is not a sprint, its more like a marathon.  We gradually start to learn that, in as much as its awesome to get things done fast, we are in this for the long haul.

For life.
The main challenge then becomes consistency.
With this, there will come a time where one can hit a snag.
Depending on how long you’re in the snag, it can turn into an environment that has one looking out at others; their success forgetting your own; it might lead to you questioning your beliefs (☺)
It could lead to a few giving up 😮

However, it can also lead to you taking inventory.

Meantime or meanwhile’s are the best time to really get real with oneself.
Imagine the Israelite’s when they were stuck in Egypt for 400 years then finally they are free but end up going round the same mountain for 40 years! You would think within those 40 years of meantime or meanwhile’s they would be trying to figure the lesson.

If you have having a couple of repetitive snags over and over again, it could means that you are not getting the lesson your supposed to be learning. Myself included 🙂

Am grateful that I had me some meantime.  It lead me to meet some amazing new people who are willing to partner with me on my journey.

They are keeping me accountable.
Lesson I have learnt in the meantime are:

♢Meantime’s happen to everyone and to everything – seasons change.

♢Be open to change.

♢To thy self be true. Find out who you are, Do you, Be you, Appreciate you, Love you, Trust you, and most important have a blast of fun just being who you are.

♢It rains on both good people and bad people, the point being be prepared for the rain! (sow sow and sow some more seeds)

♢Life truly is short its best to make sure your actually living!

♢Success is indeed around the corner, under your chair and everywhere it just depends if you are available to see it, and decide to have it.

Enjoy your meantime, after it comes a tonne of work and more work mixed with play and fun.

Share your insights and revelations to your network on lessons learnt.

Finally be grateful that it was only a season of meantime, and not a lifetime 🙂