My Words for 2017

As we crossed over into 2017, I was wondering what will make this year my most significant year?
What can I do this year that will for sure make it so different, have more impact, not just achieve my goals but crash them in terms of the return, the effect on others.

And these four words come to me:
1. Focus
2. Consistency
3. Commitment
4. Character

When I got these words I was like -okay no big deal, so what? but after some time and thought I have come to love and appreciate these words. I am committed to studying them and learning from them and really applying them every day to what I have decided to do.

In the month of January we went through the word Focus, we are now at the area of Vision. Do you have a vision for 2017? have you seen what you are going to achieve this 2017? are you replaying it in your mind every day? Twice a day?

I see my self everyday equipping leaders and professionals, by training, coaching and mentoring. I see myself on the stage talking and sharing and learning from others. I see myself travelling around the country, continents doing the same thing. I see myself and my children enjoying time together having fun, reading, sight seeing, visiting museums and amusement parks. I see myself meeting new leaders from all over the world, who are excited and are sharing their nuggets of wisdom with me. I can go on and on.

What do you see for yourself in 2017?


This is my DARE Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017.

I have been away for the whole of last year. I had a shift. A major shift that made me learn and grow into a new normal. My Mum suffered a stroke early in 2016, and I had to start a new way of living. I had to go through so many emotions and stages.

In the beginning it was getting through the High Dependency Unit, and then when she passed that, it was getting through the ward. Soon she was given the go ahead to return home,and that started a new journey. I have been privileged to be staying home with Mum, and for the last few months we have moved through each phase, each challenge and now we are at a place of new growth.

For me to be able to be where I am, I have had to come through some difficult places on the journey; which way to turn left, right or to keep on going straight on. This has required wisdom, it has required understanding, it has required humility, and most importantly it has required me to reach out to those who are in a position higher than I am, in terms of lessons, experience and most importantly Spiritually.  There is a time in life I believe that one needs to re-examine their results, and question why ? why have I been here for one year, two years three years? why I am not where I know I should be? What is holding me back? Who is holding me back? and finally why????

Well, last year was that year to answer all these questions!  I am so happy that I have gone through what I have. I am stronger, more confident, more alive and more determined.

I am ready to live, I am ready to learn, I am ready to grow and I am determined not do this alone!

I hope you are ready, ready to DARE!

2017, this is my year to DARE and to SOAR. Because I am for Signs and Wonders!

Having a Winning day, week and year!

Today has been an awesome day.

It has been one of those days that I must admit that I have won. I started by declaring that today being a Wednesday It would be a winning one.

For this to happen I had to focus all my energy, actions and my mindset to winning. In my business my win was my friends trust and agreement for us to do business together.

After that I met up with my girlfriend who we agreed to win back everything that we felt has been taken from us, by first acknowledging what we have done and what we have not done and getting our minds to take action. There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind; that I have taken from TD Jake’s, and it is true.

I managed to get one of my team mates on phone and we come to an agreement that we meet up this Saturday, put a strategy in place and do the work, by June we must have made some money for her and her child to take a trip together. I asked her if it would be worth the effort and time to win? Of course it is, so we are off to the road of winners.

I managed to get home a bit early this day,I’m winning in taking the time to read, and prepare for tomorrow and the rest of the month. My targets need to get done, and I still have to keep on going so as to make it to the target for the year, better still to make it before the year ends.

Winning Wednesday’s will be going on for a long time. Each new Wednesday for each new week I shall review my wins, and I know I shall have a lot to celebrate and appreciate just because I have decided to win.

The best part to this particular Wednesday’s win’s is that am not doing it alone. There is nothing as bad as succeeding alone. It haunts you, it a lonely and it’s not fun.

I want to ask you this question, who are you with on the winners road? who have you decided to team up with, get into agreement with and walk this road together?

There is a lot of power in agreement. The good book says a lot about agreement. It says two are better than one. In fact it says its good to be two, so that if one of you falls down, you have someone there to help you get up. It asks the question-  how can two people walk together unless they agree? but the best one I like and invoke all the time is; If two or more agree than nothing- nothing can stop you.

On our journey to have the best year ever, to make the 6 figure income, to become better at what we do and to achieve our goals, are you doing this all by yourself, or have you decided to be a blessing to some one and share this journey?

Have a winning mind and heart. Lets get in agreement and remember success is sweeter when everyone in your team or in your circle is winning.

Here is to our winning this year!

Distructions and sideshows

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Have  you noticed that the day you are so determined  to have  a great day or week is the day that distractions appear.

Distraction and sideshow’s seem to know when to appear. Mostly when you start succeeding  in something – like your goals, targets or just when you know you have mastered a skill.

They call a meeting with each other to discuss you.

They discuss your resolve. They even know how much progress you have mastered and made. They then look at your will power and determination to achieve your goals. They decide that they cannot know for sure, how determined  and focused you are to your goals. Hence they agree to test you. And because  they are such good friends, each will have a go at you –  it’s  a fair level playing  ground 🙂

So, the week or day that all is going on well, distraction shows up. To see if you will stick to your plans as he(or she) does the thing they know best; steal your focus and keep you distracted. The thing about  distraction  is that he/she needs just 3-10 seconds of your mind, eyes and emotions. (in any order)
Once successful he or she disappears; to watch your reaction and following actions. For some of us pop corn is ordered as both of them plus a few other friends mainly complaints, anger, sadness and pity arrive. If you are not too careful, revenge envy and jealous  might join them which now brings in toxicity!

And this is where side-show gets a tad bit jealous of all the attention distraction is getting and decides to do their thing too.

I wonder what do you do when the tide changes and the rains change to storms?
What do you do when the smooth sailing winds change?

Normally I must admit sometimes I literally throw myself a pity party. Other times I seek sympathy from my friends. Other times especially alone I actually agree with the movie watchers!

Its horrible once I have reached that point. You know what they say, they always say the same things.
“you’re not good enough that’s why…….”
“who told you, you would succeed?……”
“These things don’t work, ……..”
“After all you have done and nothing to show for it……..”
“How long will you do this to yourself. …….”
The list can go on and on.

By this time I usually  throw a huge tantrum-in private:-)

After which I pick myself up and I go where I can get strength to help my mind to stop listening to all those lies.

Yes those are all lies.
I am reminded; If someone else has  been successful so can I. It might take me slightly  longer but it’s  achievable.

And so once I have renewed my mind, claimed my promises, claimed back my power; I go about by kicking these rent free uninvited guest out my mind.
by going to do the things I had set out to do in the first place, now with a little more swag and attitude.
I remind my creator that He said to ask, so I do. To seek and I do and finally I knock and knock and knock.

You know what happens?

Big doors open 🙂

I dare you to try it out when distraction and side-show appear in 2015

Where is my success

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Just woke up. Its like 5am.
Just switched on my phone.  Its beeping ferociously.  I have like 50 whatsup messages on the business team group.
A team mate has moved ranks. Wow. Awesome news. Am like wow. They have worked so well with their team.

Am thinking about my team and our success.  How come we are just not getting successful with team movements in rank.
I start to review my activities.   I have been pretty active.  Consistent. I realise that not everyone on the team wants what I want hence will not be as active or consistent.

In that moment I realise that maybe I was depending on my team. Depending that they will do as I have been doing.
That their desires are as strong as mine. That we are all going to grow together.

And that’s when it hit me.

My success is not dependent on anyone else but me.

Sure. My team mates love the opportunity, however each one will do excatly what they want when they want. Am not in charge of that.

Yes. It sucks.

I am grateful though that I have a couple who are just like me. Determined.

I now need to get out of my comfort zone.  And create my success.

It’s not easy. But it’s possible.

Lessons learnt:
♧consistently inviting
♧attend trainings
♧self belief
♧self confidential
♧have fun
Here is to  our success.  You are only a few invites away.



What the Heck!

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Have you ever had a moment in your life that you knew for sure that the world was out to get you?

Or that sick feeling when everything you touch turns to disaster and your “universe” at the time is just crap, and everyone else is having a blast.
Success everywhere, but where you are.
This has been one of those weeks.
Am not sure if its my mindset.  Am not sure if it’s the vibe coming from me or it’s just life.
Why am I not getting great results. Am putting in so much of my time and energy. The results are not encouraging at all.
What’s going on? ????
And as I go through an adult tantrum with my creator I decide to take a break.

This used to be fun. Now it’s not fun any more. Why is that.
I used to be so excited but now I have no excitement.  I just want results.
I thought this was what I wanted.  Now am not sure.

And the journey continues…………


( Please feel free to comment and give your suggestions and share if you have been where I have been this week!)

Enjoying living- now

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Am still at home – it’s around 10 am.

The kids have closed school. One of them is busy getting her university applications done for next year and the other well is with me – doing some math, calculation of areas to be specific.

We – the kids and I have a deal, in the morning they get to do something read a book, do some math, write a story something, and in the afternoon they get to go out and play – have fun with the dog, swing, swim anything with some activity – climb the trees, build something – and later much later play the Wii- and you can guess all games are all sports and activities no seating down games!

For this am truly grateful, to be able to spend time with my kids and my family.

Not many people get to do this. I have been able to do this due to something that looked to be a disaster but has turned out to be the best blessing ever.

Losing my job and part of my company has made it possible for me to now have this time – time to spend with my children and to appreciate this six figure income journey that I am so determined to achieve.

This made me realize; sometimes we wait for something to happen before we do what we said we would do, but if you think about it we are all living part of our dreams right now -if we are present.

I woke up this morning around 6 am, chattered with my daughter who had to get going to finish up her application, then did my one hour of aerobics, after a while took my breakfast and started my homeschooling time with my son.
When done, am off to conquer the world, I have my appointments set.

After achieving my goals for the day, I can take in some time in the late afternoon, to spend some quiet time with myself and review my day, then join the kids for some family movie or game before dinner, read and get to bed.

I may not have the six figure income yet, but am surely enjoying the lifestyle at the moment.

So I would encourage us all to enjoy this life now- the season you’re in.

It might not be where you want to be or what you thought you wanted for yourself but it comes with such blessing!

Here’s to enjoying your life – your wife, your husband, your children, your family, your job ( yap take time to appreciate that you have one! ) your business, your friends,- Your Life!